Just had a awesome game

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User Info: Yedokai

4 years ago#11
Meh, it's all rhetoric. You can only have so many items in LoL, and the same applies here. The cap just appears earlier. Why? Because it's a different game.

Do you enjoy playing the game?
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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#12
Certain Guardians are geared more for pure killing and some are more defensive, hence the different categories.

User Info: BuggyTime

4 years ago#13
This thread has made me decide to hold off on buying this for the time being.

User Info: Kagelyzer

4 years ago#14
This thread is horribly misinformed as well, there are far more gems (runes) and relic (item) combinations than lol...FAR more, you can snowball easily when you get kills just like lol, because your runes and relics activate faster, but at endgame its not horribly weighed in favour of endgame characters because it can be level, which means your teamwork, relic choice, buff control and shrine control matter more than say "Choose Vayne, win at endgame"

Its also far more social so far, which adds more level of tactics, rather than the horrible, horrible lol community who would rather lose a game out of spite at times than do whats needed and win, everyone seems alot more helpful and also immediately on in-built voice chat even during a random queue, something lol sorely lacks.

I've compared the 2 of these games purely because others seem to, but i advise against it, theyre not the same game, just the same genre, its like comparing resident evil and silent hill.

Guardians is faster paced, and deeper tactically as the game matures, instead of 1 constant meta and more time wasted in game thru constant recalling.

I've played lol for nearly 3 years, have over 80 champs and half decent ELO (at times) and i can safely say for RIGHT NOW, i'd rather and will be playing guardians.

User Info: Kagelyzer

4 years ago#15
also the bigger your killstreak, the bigger damage you do to towers, and theres relics that change this (+3% damage on kill,stacks 15 times bonus lost when dead type items and theres a ton of them that do cooler stuff than just damage increases on killstreak)

I mean come on people, have a look thru the actual relics/gems/options/tutorials before you talk nonsense.

also, i have personally played against a 5 dmg or pusher team, and they got destroyed simply because we had 1-2 tanks in ours, so thats a fail too. (Me as Mozgog and a really good Witch King player)

User Info: dearestnight

4 years ago#16
shadow3oo posted...
Yedokai posted...
You get EXP for kills, so you are rewarded by leveling up.

When you level up, you gain access to the gems and Relics you earned and chose for your Gem Belt, but these cannot be customized during a match.

and that right there is the wrong way to do things, That will also make newer players at a disadvantage. Exp doesn't mean a thing if its all leveled out by lvl cap.

Other mobas work because games are not always gridlocked. It happens every now and then.

Yes, because your skill with a character TRULY shines when you have the advantage already. :P Just teasing you.

I will say though, this game so far has gotten me to enjoy it ten times more often than LoL ever did. In the RARE case where you and the enemy both all hit 14, it all comes down to who is smarter.
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