why is Agandaur considered difficult?

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  3. why is Agandaur considered difficult?

User Info: euklb

4 years ago#1
just looked at his stats and it says hes hard to play

all you do is save his orbs up then proceed to kill everything

use orb, then wide shock, teleport away to give you another orb then use another orb followed by finisher move if enough people are close

i love him, my fav guardian
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User Info: ZephyrSSX

4 years ago#2
He is fragile.
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User Info: JustArtificial

4 years ago#3
He is slower, very weak (has the lowest defensive capabilities), has a long cast time on his ultimate, and relies on orbs.

Not saying he is bad. You just have to know what you're doing, and I lol every time I see a new guy pick him.

User Info: Ephemeral1

4 years ago#4
Super squishy and heavily reliant on positioning.

User Info: SackBoi

4 years ago#5
Can only really get kills by himself with positioning he is godly in 1 lane, however three lane he sucks.
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  3. why is Agandaur considered difficult?

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