Best relic gem combo's for Defender assit player?

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  3. Best relic gem combo's for Defender assit player?

User Info: lowrclassbrat

4 years ago#1
Having a little bit of trouble figuring out best combo of relic belts and gems for defender.
Really like playing with Eowyn. Tend to heal and shield teammates and roll right behind with tanks. Also, will root and beat down with y attack.
So, mostly back up and semi tank at times.

Any good belt combo's gem's for that style play? Know that bigger belts take longer for affects and smaller sooner via leveling up. So, just a matter of what may aid one more so at first versus later.

Any ideas suggestions would be cool. Thanks!

User Info: Yedokai

4 years ago#2
Honestly, I recommend going for Relics that fit the way you like to play.

If you are REALLY trying to min-max how strong you are, there are some combinations that will require erratic, top-notch determination, and on paper they'll be the best. But will you enjoy playing the game like that? I don't have the Relics memorized, but the strongest ones are conditional; that is, there is a specific circumstance under which their power activates or gets stronger. If those conditions aren't the kind of things you like to do, or if they don't fit well into your play style, you'll likely be sacrificing fun for power. When I do that, I find that I get tired of games quickly.

Personally, I wouldn't worry about finding the "best" combination. I also recommend toying around with all of the characters as much as you can before deciding which Relics and gems to get, because they can be pretty expensive!
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  3. Best relic gem combo's for Defender assit player?

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