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User Info: Gheti

5 years ago#1
so if a gem adds 4% basic atk penetration, does that just mean it negates some of the resistance of whoever you're attacking, or does it let you do more dmg to subsequent enemies in a line when attacking? or both?

User Info: AnubisGhost

5 years ago#2
Goes around resistance... In LOL, it meant ignoring your enemy's armor

User Info: Neo_PortaPotty

5 years ago#3
The devs answered this in a stream yesterday. Heres the example they gave say the enemy has 50% resistance and you have 50% pen it means you remove 50% of there 50% so theyed have 25% resistance left.
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User Info: CammyApple

5 years ago#4
Which from a balance point makes resistance far more valuable.

User Info: NeonYoshi11

5 years ago#5
^ Also why game is balanced because some of the tankier and powerful guardians don't always have the best resistance, which means it evens things out as they are weaker to abilities.

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