Guardian Passives

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User Info: Ephemeral1

4 years ago#1
Just to let you guys know, all guardians have a passive ability that isn't reflected on their bio page. You can see it if you select the guardian in the loadout menu, press the back button, and scroll all the way down to the very bottom, or in game if you look at the top right corner when you hold down the right bumper. This may be old news to some of you, but I didn't find it very intuitive. Must have played a couple dozen matches before I realized this. Just something else to think about when putting together your belts.

Also interesting, if you press right trigger while looking at a guardian's bio it will show you all their starting stats. It's a good way to get a feel for how a guardian will play compared to others.

User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#2
Yep. It's what makes Galadriel so tanky in long games, +5 max health every ability use adds up.
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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#3
uhhh....I'll have to check that out next game. Never even noticed that.

User Info: Kagelyzer

4 years ago#4
Ori's is great lategame too, +1 AP on every ability use.

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