Early Game Strategy ?

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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#1
What has everybody been doing early game ?

I've noticed the last 4-5 games that the other team has guardians that are 3-4 levels above my whole team of randoms , at 10 min into the game.

* Are they just grouping up and team killing all the map creatures for XP ?

* Does grouping up offer an advantage ?

I'm not sure,how they are doing it. I play my lane, I kill soldiers in large quantities, and am usually near the top in level on my team but always 2-3 levels below the enemy.

I'm just not sure how people are leveling up so fast.

So yea any tips or advice would be awesome. I have played awesomenauts before and I've been aware of MOBA's for a while and how they play but I'm at the point I want to start getting more strategy into my game instead of just winging it.

User Info: Kagelyzer

4 years ago#2
The closer you stand to the enemy minion waves, the more xp you get, so you dont want ot get "zoned out" of xp range by players pushing, also if youre standing under your tower alot or idle, keep jungling, go to the wraith/spiders/wargs/troll constantly, this will keep you buffed and getting constant xp even if youre gettng zoned out of xp range
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