Dev response to Matchmaking troubles *new map coming!!*

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User Info: Kocano26

4 years ago#1
Thanks to all of you for all of your reports, whether they come through our customer service portal, here on the forums, Facebook, or Twitter! We've been looking into all the feedback that you've been sending our way as deeply as possible, and will continue to do so going forward. But, we’re on the verge of rolling out some updates, so here’s an update of what we've been up to:

First off, this weekend both platforms are getting an update to the matchmaking lockout that occurs when you leave a game. Until we’re able to deploy a full patch, we’re going to remove it to make sure you’re able to get back into a game as quickly as possible. That’ll happen this weekend, and it’ll download automatically when you start up the game along with the latest balance information.

Additionally, PlayStation 3 players will be getting a full patch this Sunday that will include matchmaking fixes. So, after it gets in your hands, please continue to let us know what’s going on! The more information we've got, the better. And as a bonus we’re going to release The Shire 3-lane map skin with it as our thanks for your responsiveness and time! Check it out, and throw down like a Hobbit. (Seriously, they’re fierce. Have you trifled with Hildifons?)

Xbox 360 folks, we’re going to be getting this very same patch (and map skin) to you as soon as possible, on December 14th. In the meantime, remember, we’re going to be get the matchmaking lockout removed for you as well!

Thank you again for your time, reports, and we’ll be seeing you on the battlefield.
Kocano Wins!

User Info: Ephemeral1

4 years ago#2
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  3. Dev response to Matchmaking troubles *new map coming!!*

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