Is there a cap for max health?

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  3. Is there a cap for max health?

User Info: soju

4 years ago#1
I just got a relic that adds health for kills. It doesn't give a ceiling for the bonus. Is there a limit on what your max health can be? I think this would be a great relic for Sauron if it just keeps going up.

User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#2
If there is, it is very high. Galadriel gains five every time she uses an ability, if you've got an Emerald loadout and end up in a drawn out match, she can end up with an extremely high amount.
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User Info: TrueDozenMarks

4 years ago#3
It's a great Relic for a few characters, but there's the problem of needing a good team to help you be able to farm it up as well if you're doing BG matches, and it's less impressive if you save it for the last slot, so you almost need to start it right away, which makes you wait until level 8 for any Relic bonuses that also require farming to be useful. Without a good team, you'll be at a disadvantage and possibly get steamrolled enough to where it won't be as good of a choice as other Relics.

I'm a fan of using it on Sauron, though, and want to try it out on Mozgog sometime to see how it goes.

Is the description still wrong, too? Took some time off for a family outing for the holiday and haven't played in a few days, but I know it changed the description from 3 max health per soldier to 4, although it still only gives you 3 max health per soldier.
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  3. Is there a cap for max health?

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