fun but is it good?

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User Info: whatsup9o

4 years ago#1
im loving this loadout and having a blast with it but i only play with bots for now. i was wondering if this loadout is any good

-swift blade relic
-swordmans relic

i used it with legolas and bilbo and had 30 and 32 kills which is a high for me.

User Info: randomsentinel

4 years ago#2
if it works for you no reason to change it. - LPs! CoD! GoME!
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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#3
Next time it would be nice to tell us what the relics does, plus we also need to know the gems you put on it. Anyway doing some looking around:

Swift Blade Relic:
Gives 10% attack speed for enemy guardian kill and 2% for enemy soldiers/creatures with a max of 40%, and you lose 10% on death.
its a one purple and 3 yellow gem. i assume you have the purple as the ability cooldown gem? and the yellow as maybe attack or movement speed?

Swordman's Relic:

50% attack speed within 8 meters of Enemy guardian with less than 50% health. In my opinion especially on Bilbo (dont really play Legolas) this is a great relic mainly because in general your attacks should lower your enemies below 50%, so this will help in the long run. especially when you are within a group of enemies and they perish one by one. its a 3 yellow, and one red. again i would think the yellow is attack or movement speed, with the red maybe in life steal.

All in all like the other person said if it works use it. granted it is bots so it might be a little different when playing with real people, but from my experiences fighting with real people isnt all the different from the bots, at least for now especially with this game being new and all.
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User Info: whatsup9o

4 years ago#4
yea my bad guess i could of made it easy for u guys. the purple gem is for cooldown and all the yellow gems are attack speed. the red is basic attack penetration. with this loadout i was trying to see if its better to hit hard or hit fast

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