Best tank?

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User Info: randomsentinel

4 years ago#11
witch king gets super tanky and really disruptive in team fights with his taunt, fear, and healing reduction. the only thing i dont like about wulfrun is he doesn't seem to heal worth a lot outside of having his ult running, or do a lot of damage with his tornado. like with WK and eowyn i know how to do damage at least when i need it.

for wulfrun and eowyn i like to use blue mountains relic, and either put on some AP for stronger shields mostly, or green relics with damage resistance to be obnoxious. wulfrun with a tank setup doesn't do any damage though, it's really annoying. eowyn can still hit for a few hundred with a full passive stack on at least. - LPs! CoD! GoME!
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User Info: dragunreaver

4 years ago#12
Witch King isn't the best tank because he has no heal or shield. He is the best offensive tank out of the group of defenders however. The problem with Eowyn is that she has no self heal, and her heal will most likely keep your health at 50% to support allies. Galdirel is also worth a look because of her healing garden and she has a move the fears enemies when things get a little sticky.
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User Info: Busard

4 years ago#13
St0rmShad0w7 posted...
So it sounds like wulfrun is best or eowyn or witch king with only hp setup...anybody want to help me with belts with each? I'm loving wulfrun at the moment after reading these comments, don't like witch king so much his lack of healing or shields sucks, haven't tried eowyn yet

Here is the loadout I'm using with Eowyn:
Potions: Strike Potion, Thorn-skin Potion, Grey Mountains Potion x2
Commands: Awareness, Smite, Summon Archers, Summon Defense
Relics: Miruvor Relic, Iron Hills Relic, Caradhras Relic
Gems: Emerald of Protection x3, Emerald of Willpower x3, Emerald of Recovery

Skills: I upgrade shield first at level 2, 4 and 6, ultimate at levels 5, 7, 9 and 11, root at levels 3, 8 and 10. Healing can wait for the last few levels (7% HP per second is already more than good to get someone to full health quickly enough).

- Under level 4, I'm weak. I kill the creeps for some exp, I can still deal with a careless enemy guardian with the strike potion but I can't do that much except get some exp and wait for level 4. Also healing allies while I'm under level 4 will hurt me very quickly, I only activate it when it's really necessary.
- When my first relic activates, I jump from 2.6 regen at level 3 to 10 regen at level 4. Trust me, this is huge at that level; it's like having a permanent healing potion effect.
- At level 8, I have 66 physical resistance. With both shrines it gets up to 74 and I can easily tank the troll at the north of the map (though with my damage it takes 2m30s to kill him all alone (and in the mean time, enemy guardians may mess with the shrines and all), but if I have a good ranger in my team who follows, that's a Troll down in less than 1 minute as soon as he appears). I can also start to aggro the creeps in the enemy main camp and kill them there (if they have no mean to attack towers without their creeps, it's a good way to force them to pull back and turn the momentum).
- At level 12, I have 1636 HP, 74/71 resists, 13.2 regen which is pretty much as good as I will get (the last few levels don't do much more). I'm fully operational at level 12.

Also a note about shields. They don't take your resistances into account.
Let's say you face a Gollum with 300 attack and you have 75% resistance. A normal attack will deal you 75 damage (25% of 300). If you cast a 250 shield, a single attack from that Gollum will deal 250 damage to the shield and the remaining 50 attack power will be resisted for 75% which means your health behind will suffer 12.5 damage. It's like your shield only sucked up 60 damage even though it says it protects for 250 damage.
Late game, your shield won't do any more good to yourself, don't expect it to protect more because your resistances are higher; quite the opposite actually.
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User Info: Kiyosuki_Mk2

4 years ago#15
Had to delete the previous one, because I've had second thoughts. I still think Galadriel is the best tank in the traditional sense (not necessarily the best defender, they're all really good but they "defend" in different ways) because of her self sustainability, passive damage, stun moves etc. She's like a damage sponge. But having played as Wolfrun again for a few matches and having done really well, he's really tanky too. He doesn't have the same level of sustainability as Galadriel but he has a lot more tools to break up attacks and control the flow of the lane, and with his range life steal is just amazing.

So personally, I think Galadriel and Wolfrun are equally the tankiest of the defenders.

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