Pleaaaase For &$@&# sake....

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User Info: captainxCSNx

4 years ago#1
FIX the *@&$-)% lags and disconnections! This game is good but this is completely ridiculous! Its unplayable. I have seen problems when a game launches and have high patience, but I can't forgive this mess. Sorry to rage, but I just can't believe this passed any kind of quality control or testing. What the &@%# Monolith/Microsoft. I feel more robbed than the day I bought and played Brute Force. Thanks for that.

End rant.

Beer time.
XBL-captain xCSNx
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I've had to resort to using 100 coin potions because I"ll use all 4 then get disconnected and get nothing. So my money just keeps dipping down, can't even afford the 300 coins at times lol
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If it's not a handicap match because your team disconnects and you are there 4 v 5 or worst, steamrolling you, now we have disconnects that freezes the game and you have to quit and that probably will count as a lost also. /sigh but by now lost are not even my concern anymore as half of them are to unfair match ups. The downtime to get into a proper/fair game is so far apart.

So annoying.
You should read your Bible, sirs. You'll find all types of weird stuff in there. Like, did you know Jesus was a Jew? -Jay

User Info: N64PSXDCnow

4 years ago#4
I completely agree. 2/3 of the time when I try to play a battlegrounds match with a friend it won't put us in the same game and when it does it disconnects us often. Even when those two things don't happen we end up down two players cause THEY disconnected and get steamrolled. This is a fun game when it works, but it very very rarely actually works.
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User Info: Kiyosuki_Mk2

4 years ago#5
I've just been disconnected five times in a row, two games of which were going really well.

Man, think I'm gonna go play League a bit. lol

User Info: SquigglyJustice

4 years ago#6
I have completely given up on this game, ridiculous wait times, lag and disconnects. I've moved on to SMITE now, it's really fun and above all it works.
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User Info: iphan4tic

4 years ago#7
Its such a shame because the rare occasion you have a game with two full teams of players its SO MUCH FUN. Wasted opportunity.

User Info: DrDoom

4 years ago#8
Played 2 hrs today and only finished 2 games :/

Either 1 or more ppl from either team d/c at the load screen, or during that stupid synchro msg.Other times we would be winning when I got booted to the title screen. I'd be right in the middle of a fight and poof.Title screen.

Had to wait btwn 30s-4min to get a game which wasn't too bad . Sadly the quick time usually meant I'd get booted once I picked my char, or it froze during the countdown :O
The best was when the announcer went crazy repeating names then booted everyone :p

We need the patch ASAP. Lag can be managable sometimes, but lately it seems like the game will studder and skip even worse than launch. Not buying the season pass was one of the best decisions I've made this month.

“Oh, hey how do we have 2 Lugbols on our team?? Oh nm somebody got d/c.”
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User Info: Hokkie

4 years ago#9
I couldn't connect to a game that actually finished at all last night. Played for 2 hours and was always kicked out before 5 mins was up (everyone else was D/C too) My guess is that they have a monkey working over in the server room while they gave all their employees off for a holiday break.

I've put a pause on me enjoying this for now, until the next set of heroes comes out.
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