Beregond and arathorn build help please!

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  3. Beregond and arathorn build help please!

User Info: St0rmShad0w7

4 years ago#1
Curious on what is a good build for both these characters with beregond Tanky and arathorn best dd setup? Thanks in advance
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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#2
Well for Arathorn you going to need life steal and crit relic/gems.
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User Info: PinkestFloyd07

4 years ago#3
For Arathorn i go crit/attack speed, once he does his B attack(forget the name) he has crazy fast attack speed, and the stun on top of that screws people over who try to get close to you.

User Info: Think_Phone

4 years ago#4
my standard tanky set is +hp regen per emerald, increased movespeed at low hp, and +100 health. all the gems are +hp

basically you get into a fight and either beat them outright or if you get low you can book it out quick enough no one can catch you, then you regen your hp super quick to get back into the fight while the enemy is still low. seems to work pretty well but I haven't checked out many alternatives yet so there might be something better.
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  3. Beregond and arathorn build help please!

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