Two questions about this game

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User Info: BrettT071

4 years ago#1
1. Is this game enjoyable offline? I played battle for middle earth 2 offline a lot (still do sometimes) and loved it. Different genres, but both seem marketed for online play

2. Are any of the Dwarf characters really good? They are my favorite race and typically are the best warriors in all the middle earth/ LotR games. Does that remain the case in this game? All the op characters in threads I've read seem to be non dwarves. Also, it would be a big bonus if any dwarf is a complete badass with a battle axe.

User Info: MetallicaJKL

4 years ago#2
1. I enjoy offline quite a lot. It lets me organize the game how I want, who's on what team, difficulty, map, ect., and I use it to test out new builds before I take it online. The AI doesn't compare to human players, but its still enjoyable.

2. So far the only dwarves are Ori (quill and book weapon), Nori (pickaxe), Thorin (Orcrist, a sword), and Thrain (warhammer). And yeah they're all awesome in they're own respective class I think.
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