Haldir is completely overpowered

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User Info: Bestia_Somnia

4 years ago#1
Haldir has got great attack speed, high damage output and top-notch range. With just the "Adrenaline" command and his own "Forest Sprint" ability he can singlehandedly cut down anything, even towers within seconds. His movement speed is above average, especially with the use of his "Forest Sprint", an ability that has a ridiculously short cooldown. It makes him impossible to get away from when paired with his "Tree Top Ambush" ability and hard to catch when using the typical hit 'n' run tactic.

His stats claim that his abilities aren't very strong, but I disagree. "Wrath of the Elves" is almost death for most characters and once you're within it's range it tracks you, even if you're clearly out of the ring before he actually fires off the arrow, and it's not like he needs strong abilities anyway when just his base attack is so overwhelming.

Haldir seems to also level up at an advanced rate. Almost every match I've been in, the Haldir player always ends up like lvl 11 before any other player has even passed lvl 5. I had the same experience when using him myself. It didn't feel like any particular Guardian was a threat.

User Info: iphan4tic

4 years ago#2
Ive never seen a Haldir clean up the way your talking, and he didnt seem amaizng when I used him. Agandaur, Witch King, Sauron now they clean up regularly.

User Info: Bestia_Somnia

4 years ago#3
iphan4tic posted...
Ive never seen a Haldir clean up the way your talking, and he didnt seem amaizng when I used him. Agandaur, Witch King, Sauron now they clean up regularly.

I suggest using him some more then. Haldir practically excels in everything except health, which is irrelevant with his range, killing power and attack speed anyway. His abilities are strong, despite what his stats say and most of them have such short cooldowns. Haldir can cut down towers easily, which allows him to singlehandedly hold down a lane. Guardians, waves of enemies, towers, ect. They're all not much of a challenge.

User Info: AE_

4 years ago#4
while i really like Haldir, he's probably my best character... you may be overreacting a bit lol. His abilities have really low damage output, can combo great if chained together well. He can take down towers roughly as easy as any other striker i guess.

also, beeing at a big level advantage doesn't mean how good your characters are, it means how bad the other guys are.
ive been lvl 9 vs lvl 2 / 3 holding the bottom lane 1v3 who where rage trying to tank me under my tower, i killed them each about 4 times. also went something similar holding mid lane with thorin yesterday.

that beeing said,still regarding getting a big level gap, i can say i'm level 6 prestige, so i have played alot of games, and that is a false statement, while it can happen sometimes, it can happen with many characters and it depends, and it definately isn't a product of Haldir's awesomeness:P

Legolas has higher base damage, i think he is a bit harder to play, but can be just as good.

Oh, and i have definately see alot of better haldir's then saurons witch kings and agendaurs. I can honestly say i don't remember seein a single agendaur do good on a 3 lane match, I have seen some good Witch Kings, but some pretty terrible ones who try to be a 1 man wrecking crew, and Sauron's don't really seem that popular of a choice.
I have seen quite a bit of good Haldir's.

tl;dr he's good, if i where to think of a tier list hed probably be on the top, but definately not OP

User Info: ih0tfirei

4 years ago#5
Xbox tag- I Hotfire I

User Info: pimptwist

4 years ago#6
I mained haldir when I was a noon at Gome he is a very easy character to play as and built right he hits like a train, but due to his low life he gets instagibbed by characters like Thrain or Ori. Also, I have recently been playing Aganduar 3 lane and have been doing quite well, in fact I went 23 and 0 with him. just as with all characters if the person behind them is good and knows what they're doing then they will do well. If anyone wants to play same custom 1 vs 1 add me on xbox name is xtwistedtheorx.
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User Info: iphan4tic

4 years ago#7
Ma y have to try him again. I guess attack speed relics are the ideal setup for him? Or pure damage?

User Info: SideStrafe

4 years ago#8
I barely use him but whenever I do, I clean house. His damage output and speed are too high. One of them needs to be nerfed.
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User Info: BMAN270

4 years ago#9
Haldir is very powerful but not too bad. You will obviously find he levels faster because he is a striker so he will be killing things faster sooner. But he is also VERY squishy and easy to deal with if you can get someone like the witch king to taunt him into a fellow damage dealer and he falls very quickly. The trick with him is that he is good if you are not running with a team that can collectively take him out. He is good one on one, but not so much in a group where someone like the Witch King or Thorin who can focus or handle multiple characters but are not AS great one on one.

The most powerful character by far is Ugluk. His attack that pops you into the air AND roots you to the ground afterwards is stupid OP. Not to mention that he has a heal and gains an automatic 11% attack speed boost when near other guardians. Other then that, I find many of the characters are fairly balanced.
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  3. Haldir is completely overpowered

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