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User Info: mystery323x

4 years ago#1
I was wondering in your Opinion do you think the game is worth the Money? is it easy to find online Matches? Is there a lot of unlocks to strive for? is there some kind of Ranking system? Also feel free to add anything to persuade me.

Xbox 360 is what im looking at it for.

Downloading demo now.

Thanks for help.

User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#2
In time this game will be worth the price. While i have bought it and in a sense enjoy it, there are quite a few problems with this game, Lag/Online connectivity being the main issues which have still yet to be discuss. But when those issues are fixed, or if you havent experienced these issues this game can be great!

The uniqueness in the Guardians this game has is great, especially with the DLC characters. my personal favorites being Bilbo, Arathorn, and Ori. The items you can unlock (Guardians, relic, gems, commands, potions) will keep you busy playing the game just to unlock more of them.

Overall like i said while this game has its problem and hopefully they get fixed soon this game can be a wonderful experience especially it being a genre usually only noted for being on PC its nice to have a new genre for people who only game on the home consoles.
I walk alone in the universe as the last of The Time Lords!

User Info: Brendy_Boy

4 years ago#3
I think it is definitely worth the price of 15 bucks.

The matchmaking issues aren't that bad, main problem currently is lag. Not every game is bad, but some are and they are unplayable nearly.

Matchmaking usually finds me a game in a couple of minutes.
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User Info: MashYouGood

4 years ago#4
hypermoe posted...
But when those issues are fixed

Someone's living in a Middle-Earth reality, it seems...

User Info: Silent-N-Deadly

4 years ago#5
worth the money IMO, super fun other than connection issues sometimes
PSN: Silent-N-Deadly
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