This is a gankers game.

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User Info: ih0tfirei

4 years ago#11
iphan4tic posted...
I understand that it is a team game, but when players spend their whole game holding hands with someone it becomes very one sided very quickly.
I cant just follow suit, because in the few matches I can get and stay in im almost always holding a lane by myself. Then when I make a push because Ive out levelled the guardians in my lane, boom some other guardian ambushes me from a bush, then his mates join in. Lane lost, game over.

Unless your playing support most characters can lane 2v1 solo. If there's 3 people in one lane they are going to be under leveled. It sucks playing without a team because when this happens the people who are solo need to level up faster and then switch lanes. Can't really do that with randoms.

You know how frustrating it is to hold a 3v1 lane with saruon or legulos and your teammates can push empty lanes to level up?
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User Info: DrDoom

4 years ago#12
We've been spending most our lives
Living in the Ganker's Paradise
Our conductor is insane! Our cargo is pain! Freight Train!!
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User Info: Silent-N-Deadly

4 years ago#13
u want a game that requires skill,

Twisted Metal on the PS3, beware without lots of practice you will get destroyed
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User Info: MashYouGood

4 years ago#14
Rubbish genre and wasted license.
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  3. This is a gankers game.

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