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User Info: the13thheretic

4 years ago#1
Where's the love for the shield of Gondor? All I hear about anymore in the warriors is Mozgog, and sometimes Thorin. Personally, I think Beregond is just as good as any other warrior. Opinions?
GT: Jestergrin13

User Info: Elprede007

4 years ago#2
Beregond -
Plenty of health
Has a shielding ability
Decent damage
Damage isn't great (yes I said it was decent, but decent isn't that good)

Now on Mozgog
Amazing health
Amazing damage
Healing ability
Great attack speed
Great movement speed
Damage boosting ability
Fear ultimate with plenty of damage

All in all on paper, Mozgog wins. In reality Mozgog PROBABLY wins, honestly not many should lane against Mozgog unless you have a lot of skill. But do not take this the wrong way, with the right belt and the right player, Beregond can wipe the floor with Mozgog's sorry ass.
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User Info: the13thheretic

4 years ago#3
I agree on everything you said about mozgog. He does have a lot of burst damage. But once you get past that burst, he isnt anything special. Thats why I run tank beregond majority of the time. It actually scares away a lot of players when their mozzy goes berserk on me, and only brings me to half life.
GT: Jestergrin13

User Info: Final_Tran

4 years ago#4
He was actually my favourite character in the Return of the King
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User Info: ZephyrSSX

4 years ago#5
He's great early on and if people let him snowball he'll carry a team to victory. But against competent players he really struggles. Throw in competent players playing top tier characters like Mozgog and Haldir, boom, Beregond is virtually worthless because of his damage output and inability to take their burst and escape.

I honestly have no idea why the developers gave so many damage dealing characters so much utility but it makes playing tanks very hard, especially since you can build the damage dealers as tanks and they'll still output more damage and have their stealths and teleports on top of it.

There's a reason you mostly see Team Quiver and the same melee damage dealers every game. (the reason I just stated)
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User Info: the13thheretic

4 years ago#6
Very true. I do believe hos ability to silence is hugely underrated and under appreciated. Couple that with his taunt and shield, and he is a pretty damn effective initiator. Bonus points for pairing him up with a strict damage dealer.
GT: Jestergrin13

User Info: DrDoom

4 years ago#7
A man of a man of honor.

He's pretty boss in 1-lane, since he shines in a group fight thanks to his taunt and ult. I find him too team dependent in 3 tho. If the rest of your team is getting trampled, he really can't run around wreaking havoc like say, Haldir,Moz,Arathorn or Gollum could.

I also see ppl using his sword slash wrong. Often they use it offensively, which screws them over when they get hit with CC. It's a great move, since you remove all CC, then get full immunity for a few seconds.
You can actually run right THRU stuff like Wolfrun's vapors once you slash.

Plus, the more enemies you hit the shorter the cooldown time, which makes it great for wiping out mobs for xp in between fights.

It's almost as good as Gollum's coward, but if you save your shield to use after the slash it becomes the best escape combo outside of the cheesy teleports.

His passive is also great since you can boost his abilities by 10-30%. Works great with his shield, taunt, and especially his ult.

I've had success using: Swiftblade-Rohrrim ride w/ all mv spd gems. Try to chop them down, if it gets hairy use your slash or shield and escape w/ your superior spd.

Erebor Axe(frikkin awesome relic for physical/long range guardians.)-Houses of Healing. You heal 1%hp and lower cooldown times by .5 with each basic attack. Deadly combo when going one on one.

I'm still messing around w/ a CC reduction-Woodmen's resiliance combo, but I'm always looking for some new ideas.
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User Info: the13thheretic

4 years ago#8
I like that erebor axe, HoH combo. I'm probably going to steal that and give it a whirl. Anyone else have any opinion on Beregond? Just trying to get some conversations rolling here.
GT: Jestergrin13

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