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User Info: jbkb1084

4 years ago#1
Hey guys just wondering if the have fixed lag and DC yet? was a sucker and bought season pass at launch but its a very frustrating game to play 5v5 with lag/DC so havent touched it in awhile. Would love to get back into it but not until they clean up their server/network support.
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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#2
Well i have only played about 3 matches today (to try out the new Guardian) and of those 1 was paired with 2 other people, no lag, no DC. but the other 2 i wasnt able to find a match thus getting in with bots. either not much people are playing, or it just doesnt want me to be matched with actual people.

Either way it seems they are working on fixing it slow and easy which i can say finally at. i mean i dont want to sound rude, but its pretty sad that at least for me a first day buyer this fix is long overdue. i hope with their next game they actually test it out, and not rush it just because the movie it coming out.
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User Info: Kuley

4 years ago#3
Fixed? No. Improved? Slightly.

Maybe I'm just getting lucky games.

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