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User Info: the13thheretic

4 years ago#1
I consistently see newer players picking sauron and getting wrecked with him. Even I cannot come up with a belt I like on him. So, what are some of your loadouts with the dark lord?
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User Info: vballlover

4 years ago#2
I have found that the most successful belt for Sauron is a standard tanky greeen belt, focusing on health. The two reasons for this are that he has great base damage with subpar ap scaling, but also his passive, which reads:

"The will of the Dark Lord is great, and following the use of an Ability he adds 7% of his maximum Health as extra Basic Damage on his next Basic Attack."

The main problem I see with most Sauron players is they just spam their abilities, when you should try to get one AA off in between abilities. For example, stealth in, AA, Root, AA, Knockback, easy trade that you probably won handily. You can also use stealth to play mindgames with your opponent once you get used to him, honestly one of the best Guardians in the game. Hope this helps
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User Info: the13thheretic

4 years ago#3
That's normally the build I use on him, I just feel like I'm missing something. I want to buff hp for his passive, I want to buff ap for his ult, I want to buff hiss AA damage for after I've burned his abilities and they are still alive. I just spread myself too thin I suppose.
Another fun tactic is if you are being harassed under your tower, tele behind the enemy and smack them into the tower. Then root them there. Good times...
GT: Jestergrin13

User Info: randomsentinel

4 years ago#4
sauron is an absolute monster when played correctly. sadly i am not capable enough yet. just pick what you want to be good at and gear for that. if i dont use a green belt i use a full AP loadout. i think sauron is best played tanky though. the longer he can stand in and get boosted melee swings the better.

if you bully your lane well enough and out level them, your abilities will start to crush them. by late game if they catch up, you're just an annoyance with how hard it is to kill you. your abilities in that case are more for disruption and control. rooting people in bad spots, using your fear to initiate or counter their initiate, and your knock back to interrupt or adjust the enemy teams position.

i don't like AD (BD for basic damage i guess) sauron though. he needs to be tanky to do it, and his base stats don't quite get him there. definitely going to play sauron now lol. i love him, even if im bad with him. - LPs! CoD! GoME!
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User Info: Dante89373

4 years ago#5
Try red tier belts. Sure, stacking health is nice for the 7% max, but it's nice to have high damage hits that can stand on their own. Although, I only played Sauron when he was free, but I only used a red tier belt and I did fantastic with him. Not good with relic names but here are the effects: +5 basic damage for every second you don't use a basic attack, stacks 15 times. +40 basic damage after an ability is used, 5 second cooldown( I think). Unfortunately, I cannot remember the last 2 slot relic I used. I used basic attack gems. With his passive, you can make a powerful first strike, and follow up with his potent abilites. Of course, this belt is only good or rather any belt is good if you use him correctly. Won't help you at all if you play stupid.

User Info: reverendmeta

4 years ago#6
When I first started GoME I picked Sauron and decided I would mainly focus on him as the one guardian to learn the game and even now I still love going back to him for fun.

I usually keep 2 different builds up:

For 3 Lane matches, I go with Health, Iron Hills and Caradras I think it is, 6 emeralds and 1 amethyst, so I use all MaxHP and then the one Ability Cooldown. I just focus on that rhythm of AA - ability - AA - ability primarily with the X and A moves for Guardians and Soldiers. I use the teleport to move in and out of grass/lanes and Lidless Eye whenever I see a health bar low or a pack of 3+ people coming at me at once.

For 1 Lane matches I only use a couple MaxHPs, start off the belt with a mythril Health Regen crystal just to stay ahead of the "curve" (assuming my team and the enemy team each control a shrine) and then load AP sapphires in to the 3 slot purple relic that lets you build up to 20% ability cooldown -- combined with a mithril amethyst it has me hitting the 25% cooldown cap at level 10 while still being rather tanky.

I want the stupid Witch-king icon so I am working up to Prestige 4. I am on Rank 9 of 3 right now and I am starting to experiment with using 1 or 2 Ability Resistance emeralds in place of the MaxHP ones for 1 Lane games. Any thoughts?
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User Info: AE_

4 years ago#7
i rather play sauron straight up AP. I go warg claw + westerness relic

He is awesome for ganks, If you can combo his abilities doing Basic attacks between them for his passive you will get kills without them even knowing what hit them. Something like teleport, attack -> root, attack, swipe, Ult you will kill pretty much any guardian.

I have seen him play a bit more balanced with some green, and while he may be a bit harder to play beeing a bit more squishy, i just find he bursts so well its a waste not capitalizing on that.

User Info: El_WrayZero

4 years ago#8
As previous posts suggest, it is difficult to make a hybrid Sauron and be successful. Often times it makes Sauron to squishy and either AP or HP is the way to go.

I have been using this build for a while and have had great results.

4 slot Grey Company:
2b 2g

I know this belt says it will give you bonus on Enemy Kill, but what it doesn't tell you is that it can be any enemy type. Many people thought it was just guardian kills, which is not true it works on soldiers and creeps. This is great for Sauron as it buffs his AP and HP up to 225 with a full stack. I normally fill the first two blue slots with Flat AP (24, 24 if you have Mithril) and then 1 recovery gem and 1 max HP % gem.

This allows Sauron to have some early game AP for his two hard hitting abilities, root and swing (I forget the name but it is square and X). When Grey's Company finally kicks in, start building stacks with X on soldier waves. The HP boost will benefit Sauron's passive, so as soon as you use an ability on a guardian, the next auto attack will hit hard if you have a good stack on the relic.

3 slot Health Relic:
1g 1p 1g

This belt will give Sauron some CD for late game and more HP to survive and adding to his passive ability. Put a cool down gem in the purple slot and you can fill the other green's with HP % gems.

I actually use the same relic setup for WitchKing as well because his ability's are tied to a percentage of his max HP.

I have used an AP build on Sauron as well, but feel free to try this and see if it works for you. The issue on this build is that if you are dying to much, you won't have the AP/HP stacks from Grey's Company. It will depend on your play style with Sauron, but I have been doing better since I switched to this setup.
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User Info: KaptainK00l

4 years ago#9
Warg Claw and Tendril for me.
GT: iKaptain K00Li
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