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User Info: robokill

4 years ago#1
If they could patch the game to:

-not have any lag
-not have dc issues
-have more, varied maps
-increase the building and spawning potential

the game could be quite good. I like this game, despite it's issues, hopefully they fix this to actually good and then a lot of people play it, it feels half done.

User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#2
Completely agree, but this has been known to the community. But you are right. This is a great game that its only downside is the thing that truely matters. Connection issue should have been worked out well before the games release. But even then it seems they are working on it pretty slowly. I mean we still have huge issues like dc/lag that have been present since day 1, and only recently they fixed the arial attack command skill which was present for a couple months.

It also has to do with the release of the game. They released it not only to get it out for the movie, which in my opinion is a bit stupid since we still have the home release to look forward too as with the upcoming sequel so its not like people will forget about it, but also they released it inbetween 2 major holidays. Thus having little to no time to work on the game so be on holiday.

In my opinion it would have been best to wait on the game till January. They would have had time to actually work on the game a bit better. Till then all we can do is wait. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, bt from their track record i doubt anything serious is getting fixed anytime soon.
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User Info: randomsentinel

4 years ago#3
im not expecting the online to be fixed. they tried to fix it once but i didnt really notice a difference. the game is really fun, but just last night i had so many problems with lag and dc's during the match. at this point i'm really just waiting for a different game to come out that i can move on to so i can leave this behind. sad but true :( - LPs! CoD! GoME!
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User Info: robokill

4 years ago#4
what really sucks is that in all likelihood this game is going to be canned real soon, it's got such good lore to draw on, such simple gameplay mechanics to program. This isn't Crysis, it's top down uncontrollable camera MOBA. I really love Hobbit/Lotr stuff and this game is just a waste.
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