Looking for some advice on a Leoglas Loadout

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User Info: Bronson22byaa

4 years ago#1
I've been using the red relic that gives increased damage as you kill creeps (can't remember the name) and the yellow relic that raises attack speed with subsequent attacks. I've been using all life steal gems and attack speed gems. Started using the Wilderness Hunter (or something like that) relic instead. I like the added attack and movement speed along with the crit chance more. I'm wondering though if the 10% life steal I have now is worth it over possibly increased crit chance.
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User Info: talostheundying

4 years ago#2
The aforementioned red relic is Dragon Hoard, the yellow relic is Goblin's Fury. This is a good loadout for someone with an attack speed buff, but Legolas is definitely better with move speed and crit chance. The bonus attack speed from Wilderlands is definitely a bonus. Followed by either Durin's day or Red Book with Crit chance gems and a single Crit chance gem in the extra slot.
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User Info: AE_

4 years ago#3
Durin's Day (attack speed for each topaz) - Red Arrow Relic - Goblin's Fury Relic.(stack attack speed). All attack speed for yellow, 2 Penetration + 1 damage % for red gems.

Movement speed for legolas seems pretty useless to be honest. Even after the last update, Pen > AD, you need to take down them tanks.

I have stoppped using dragon's horde a while ago for various reasons :

-its way too slow for normal battlegrounds.
-Attack penetration was way way way better than attack damage, not even close, and it still is, but since they lowered the cap on penetration, you can do Pen + something else.

With this belt by lvl 14 you will get 200% attack speed, 57 Pen (cap is 60), and 4% damage.

Thats alot more DPS then 45% basic damage + pen , at 100% attack speed.
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  3. Looking for some advice on a Leoglas Loadout

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