A message recently sent to Monolith through FB

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User Info: Elprede007

4 years ago#1
My bud sent them this

Ok seriously, how did lowering the attack speed cap help? Why not fix the bug? Do you guys test these things before they come out? Especially with Bert's bug a few weeks back, how did you manage to let that happen. There are people who are outraged at this attack speed cap. Put it back at 100, you're going to keep losing customers if you treat us like this. Honestly the only reason I play this game is because it's the only MOBA on xbox, if you made it like DotA you could easily increase your players. Get servers, stop half-assing your jobs, release characters for free. DotA and LoL have over 100 characters with the intent to release more. You guys... You have 29 approaching 30 and have not shown the intent to release more. You know why they have 20x more customers than you? Because you don't treat us right. You guys make a mistake and we suffer. This game is already on the brink of total s***, you're about to push it over the edge unless you shape up. I have NEVER heard of DotA and LoL pull the s*** you pull. Do you know the opinion of your company, this is the most common one I hear, "They got our money, why should they even care anymore?" And you know what? I believe that's what you guys are doing.

Hope this helped.

That's it, opinions?
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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#2
As someone who has played/supported this game from launch, it would seem like its so. I highly doubt they are testing anything because of how common or easy it is to find these bugs/glitches. Anyone playing 5mins of it can see it. The sad part is this is like others have said a great game, and it can improve if the devs actually worked on it. It seems to me like they do not care. I mean in a sense they are communicating which is a lot to say for other companies. but their communication towards us as consumers, and towards these various bugs/glitches to me seems a bit unprofessional, granted companies usually tested out their games before release. But still every time an update, or patch comes out and something is wrong they usually say how they didnt see it despite being so obvious.

All in all i would say while a dumb excuse we might have to blame the movie. Why they needed it to be released around the same time despite still having 2 more movies, and retail/dvd/blu ray releases to look forward too so that they would have time to release this game to be actually playable.

Ill still support the game. i enjoy it despite the large amount of lag and disconnection. i believe it will get fixed in time, i just hope that this is a lesson for the devs to understand that actually testing it out before releasing something is a good way to start things up in the right light.
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  3. A message recently sent to Monolith through FB

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