DLC File corrupted?

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User Info: TrustCo

4 years ago#1
Has anyone been having problems after downloading the latest DLC? Been getting a message that the DLC file is corrupted and restarts the game in "Gold Mode" which none of the DLC content is available to play

User Info: Rannek17

4 years ago#2
Got this as well, I deleted and re-DL'd the compatibility pack 3, been fine ever since.

User Info: AE_

4 years ago#3
that didn't work for me, as it didn't for many people. some people say restarting the game alot will boot it up, but what works 100% of the time for me is the following:

when asked for a storage device, select one that has no save file in it. this will boot the game up fine. Skip the tutorial, go to options -> change storage device, chose the device where you have your saved game and voila.

i have read that pressing B and chosing not to select a storage device, and help and options - chose your storage device with the save works the same. i have tested this once, and it worked.

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