New player. I like Eowyn. League experience.

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User Info: ChocoboDreams

4 years ago#1
I have my share of experience with League of Legends, so I know my way around a MOBA, but all the same I tread carefully when stepping into GoME. Anybody willing to take the time to ease me into the experience? Just a few tips to give me a heads up on the ins and outs of the game?

Eowyn kind of feels like a Leona to me (only played a single 1-lane game), except...not entirely, I guess. Any experienced Eowyn players willing to share a few tips?

Also, I hear comments about this game's balance occasionally. Should I just quit while I'm ahead, or is there room to use and do well with any character on the roster?
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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#2
while im not an Eowyn player, at least to say she is not my main, in a sense i can see why she would remind you of Leona because i see it too.

One thing to keep in mind thats different between these two MOBA games is that Defenders for this game are basically the tanks and healers/support. Your main role as a defender is to be taking hits, while helping your comrades like healing them since we are talking about Eowyn.

For Gems and Relics since they activate while you level up in game what ever you really need especially for the beginning of the game you will want that up first. Again with Eowyn youll want cooldown so youll be able to "spam" your skills in the heat of battle, but also possibly either health regeneration, or life steal, or probably both if you can. Since your main supportive skill is healing, but it takes away from your health and you will want to get that health back not only as quickly as possible, but at a rate so that again you can spam it to try and help everyone on your team.

Overall Eowyn is a nice choice as a defender. shes got that heal and i believe her stun is her ult which is just as great so that you and your partner/ in team fight you'll be able to hurt the opposing team.
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User Info: AE_

4 years ago#3
you don't want cooldown at all because her healing ability doesn't have cooldown. her attack damage is so low that you really don't want a lifesteal either.

you can go health regen on her, ive heard from very good players that its a really good belt.

i haven't played her in a long time (she one was the first i completed all the challenges), but i used to run with iron hills + health relic + caradrass (sp?) relic, with 3 ability resistances and 3 basic attack resitances gems, and a cooldown gem for the purple slot in health relic.

That belt works really well for any character you want to build tanky, it works really well with her, but do try a health regen one too. I suspect that the belt may be getting worse as more and more people are running penetration builds, so the health regen may be better.

User Info: AE_

4 years ago#4
regarding the rest of your questions, in public matches you can do well with any character. granted i would never chose a support character if i am solo queing, as i will be next to useless if my team doesn't know what they are doing.

for example, Nori is probably one of the best characters in the game, provided he has a good laning partner. if you don't and the other team is decent, you won't be doing much. On the other hand, if you chose a Legolas, you may still carry your team to a victory.

Penetration is really important, it caps at 60.

cooldown loadouts for tactitians are awesome.

also, relics like Iron Hills, you get X resistances for every emerald in your belt. This is a 2 slot, so it activates at level 4, but keep in mind that when the belt activates, it takes into account all the emeralds in your belt , and not the only the ones active at the time.

it's balanced to some extent, goblin is pretty terrible (i think he was buffed recently), you will do pretty well with any character against a random team, if you are playing against coordinated teams with equal skills, choice of characters would begin to matter a bit.

The best characters for me are probably

Defender - Wolfrun, he has a shield that removes CC, an awesome tornado if placed right, splits up enemy teams, can trap an enemy for an easy kill, good heal, and an Ult that reduced cooldown times and allows you to spam heals.

witch king is really awesome too, but he plays a bit more like a warrior.

Tactitian - Nori - destroys towers, can slow deal damage to enemies, increase resistances and increase attack damage to team guardians. Lane him with legolas/Haldir and the lane is yours.

Enchanter - Lugbol, Has a heal that deals quite a bit of damage, a knockup, and a familiar who taunts, plus a really heavy hitting true damage ult. if you can combo dog taunt into knockup into your skillshot ult, enemy killed.

I really like Ori too, he is better for longer matches, as he gets 1ability power per ability use, and the way he plays, you will be spamming alot of abilities.

Warrior - Mozgog - Taunt, self heal that buffs movement speed and attack speed, attack boos, plus AOE ult that fears... Arathorn is really good too, but mozgog is probably one of the strongest guardians in the game.

Strikers - Haldir/ Legolas. They have escapes, CC, and do massive damage. Bilbo is really fun to play as, and so is gollum, but they lose a ton of value after the laning phase, as they suck in teamfights.
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