Gold Mode Fix: Any side effects??

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User Info: DrDoom

4 years ago#1
I'd heard about the new fix*, and tried it out--worked like a charm, and deff beats "restarting in default" for 10 mins straight :p. Someone on my FL said that you won't get w/e new balance updates they add when you sign in tho.

The only thing I've really noticed is that you can't buy DLC in-game. You get an error. My relics have been changed, and the description for how much AP boost the guardians abilities is now there too. Seems fine.

*The fix is, you start the game up OFFLINE--then sign into XBL once you're in the main menu. That way you don't run into the update/dlc corrupt glitch.
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User Info: Desktopz

4 years ago#2
What I do is:
I don't select a storage device, it loads the game as it was when first purchased. Then I go to settings and "select storage device" which takes me back to the main menu, and then it works properly with no corrupt dlc message.

I hope they fix the problem soon.
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User Info: johncruzb

4 years ago#3
Only thing that worked for me was deleting everything including my save game for gome.. Did this just now works like when i first got the game, perfect.. Just now i gotta unlock everything again, which sucks..

User Info: Spootz

4 years ago#4
I use the "Disconnect from internet" method to get around Gold Mode as well. It works great, but your friend was right about no balance updates. This includes not being able to select Frodo (even if you have bought him).

So, I have been trying something new (which seems to be working fine).

1. Load up the game (normally, no tricks).
2. Get the DLC corrupt message.
3. Press "A" to enter Gold Mode (the game will now reset).
4. Let the game load all the way to the main menu.
5. Exit the game.
6. Load up the game (normally, no tricks).

This way has been consistently working for me. Sure, it adds an extra minute for you to start playing, but you will get your balance updates.
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User Info: DrDoom

4 years ago#5
Well, I already tried deleting the pack, but it didn't work so I tried the other two suggestions and they both took about three tries befre they worked. The first method works fine for one of my buddies so it wasn't a total loss.

Fortunately, the devs say that they are very confident that they have a fix for the glitch. Hopefully it will be out next week w/ the new guardian.
This is Warg Sprint.
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