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User Info: DrDoom

4 years ago#1
Welp, thanks to this game I've amassed a nice lil 360 backlog so it's time to take a GoM-e break. I just maxed the prestige so I've just been messing around w/ loadouts and chars. Here are some of my loooongtime go-to belts, and some new stuff that has been really fun.


Wisdom›High Pass›Caradhras--3 CD gems and 1 exp for the purple,LS or AP for blue and either regen or hp boost for the green. Pretty sure you get like 23-25 CDR, plus your abilities decrease by 1 sec w/every ability use. Spam your abilities whenever you can.

Lothlorien grove›Ent's draught›Carad--HP boost in everything. The LG is first b/c her grove also counts as grass lol.


Wizard's vale›Wisdom relic--SO salty when I see other Runsigs use this online.CDR in all but the last purple.I use an exp gem but I'm sure the Command CD might work better. Also: put refresh in his command slot for 10 sec Ult cooldowns :/

Nori/Gothmog/Ugluk: RRun›Durin's day›Three hunters--Speed gems in EVERYTHING. Cuts towers down like a beast and 90% of the time you can outrun the opp. They catching up? Run thru the brush for an even bigger speed boost.

Erebor axe>RRide--LS in the reds,regen or max health in green and atk spd in the yellow.I usually put a max health in the empty. Erebor is beastmode now that it's a 3 slot. RRide boosts everyone's atk speed so it will encourage teammates to stay in a fight.

Erebor>Two Watchers>Red book--Penetration in all reds. Hits every class/tower like a truck and usually gets 1 or 2 abilities back before the enemy can escape.

West wind>Warg claw--AP boost in all. Surprises a ton of ppl who will think you're a goner. Use the WW w/ his taunt or Ult to get the most bang for your buck.

Midgewater Mist>Mirkwood Spiders--LS and speed boost in all. Turns her into a gank machine. You won't be getting the kills but your teammates will love you. The speed drain also helps her run away or chasedown with ease.

Fell Riders>Wisdom--Penetration in the blues. Bye bye, Snaga!So long, Gollum! Boost his blind early and often. Once you get that third penetration gem, his blind HURTS strikers so bad it's not funny. Use it whenever they engage to whittle thier life diwn to nothing. Once you get around 150 AP+the Wisdom relic active he becomes a wrecking machine.

Witch King:
Beornings Strength>Shadow's Reach:Regen in the first green,MxHP boost in the second.AP/speed boost in the blues and yellow. Takes advantage of his abilities being effected by hia max HP. Once you get the SR active, you can just use his malice and SR to wipe lanes out and gain more HP.

I'm gonna take a break but I'll post some more on Sat.
This is Warg Sprint.
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User Info: DrDoom

4 years ago#2
Ah, managed to knock out most of Binary Domain but it took a while.

Black Gate›Orthanc›DoDurin
AP in blues,Regen in the green.Takes advantage of the AP boost the BG shield gives so thier abilities hit hard.

Fell Winter›AofIsengard›Dain's revenge--Penetration in all. Ugluk was made for this belt.Enemies will bleed out, and once the Anvil starts dropping they will run.Dain's gives any enemy guardian that downed you a nasty endgame surprise.

Coldfell's Bite›Red Book
LS in Coldfell, and Crit boost in the reds.

Lorien›Durin's›River Run
Regen in the green, and ATK speed in the yellow. Hit 'em and run into the bushes like the coward you are to heal.Wash, rinse, repeat.
This is Warg Sprint.
3DS 3566 2826 6484

User Info: DrDoom

4 years ago#3
Swiftblade>Morgul>w/e relic gives you 15% crit--ATK in tne yellows, Crit chance/LS.

This dude is brain dead. I shudder everytime I think about the AS getting bumped back to 2.0 instead of 1.5.

Warg Claw> Horn of Gondor--Pen in Warg, AP boost in Gondor, or Pen in all. Go hard or go home. I started using this against the current triple archer trend and it's been gooooood. Hug the tower til 5 then get to work, throw refresh and AAbility on to get the most outta it.
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