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User Info: crax

4 years ago#1
OK Just bought the new spider dude. Pretty fun. Cooldowns seem a little long and not that many big damage moves so I pumped him with some red belts for basic damage. His basic attack does hit pretty good and he has stuns so that's a great time to get some cheap hits in.

Combos - obviously suck them in with that web then use his ultimate when you get that far. Venom blob thing is good for clogging up a lane. I don't think many people know what it does yet and I had a lot of enemies avoiding it. Really it does not hit THAT hard but it does hang around a while.

Web suck move is also obviously nice if enemies are near a tower and you can pull them in so it hits them.

Also I was able to take down a tower using his escape move, it provides like a half second of immunity to all damage and that was the difference that time.

Finally his animations are especially gross. Like a real spider only massive! I think he will be fun until the next guy comes out of course.

User Info: El_WrayZero

4 years ago#2
According to the information she has a passive critical hit for 6%. I wonder if a relic belt build around crit would work for her abilities.
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User Info: moglimoogle

4 years ago#3
shes fun as heck and im doing a crit build..its just nasty fun and if things get rough pop her invulnerability with movement speed and get out of dodge to heal up
PSN Tag :: GilmanEastbay
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Long post, mostly about my adventures against this spider b****.

I played against her a few games, wow she's nasty. She slows you so much and then does her ult which seems to take half your health and give her half her health back. I died to her so many times the day she came out, trying to go one on one against her. That was fun.

I then started to use legolas with high drain relics and that new critical +10percent every hit...wow so much better now. Only a few hits and bam! You hit a nice critical. Anyway I mentioned this because I went toe to toe with her and I lost over half my health from her ult(plus a hit I bet but it went so fast I couldn't tell) then I crit and hit her with my drains and restored my health back before she could finish me but it was close and funny because she lost over half her health then restored a bunch then I hit her some more and took her down but I almost died.

Her having crit on her ult and abilities is crazy since it seems to restore the exact amount it hits for, which can be an insane amount of HP. That's why she's so hard to melee. Just have to stay away from her goo stuff that does such an insanely crazy slow, especially if she puts it right behind you.

She seems to use the speed movment to catch up close to you, then use the slow aoe move, then if you are trying to run, which is probably your best bet, you then get pulled by in, which is easy to land if you are in her slow aoe. By then you are pulled in again and are so far into that aoe slow goo that, you're dead if you can't teleport the hell out of there LOL.

She's going to be hard to kill in the hands of a good player.
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User Info: crax

4 years ago#5
Well here's more results. I tried a crit heavy build with crit damage gems. I didn't like it. The crit rate still I don't think ever consistently gets over 50%. When things do crit, her ultimate is the only move that really does any real damage. And I was getting one-shotted by Haldir seemed like all night. With crit setup you get one of three things.

1- Suck someone in and they won't know what hit them (rarest).

2- Suck someone in, use ultimate, it doesn't crit. Now for good times all your good skills are on cooldown and its basically flee or be killed time.

3- Try the web thing, miss with it (yes I find it a little tricky to aim, like Lugbol's ult) and now you are sitting around for 15 seconds while it cools down.

I'm trying the wilderlands hunters relic - I think it has a variety of things Unglob needs not the least of which is to run faster. Pairing it with various ability cooldown relics to see what I can do.

In closing - still testing but I think Unglob is almost more of a support striker, sucking someone in with friends around works real well. One on one - she does not have a lot of moves and her best damage still seems to be basic attack so I think increasing attack rate/crit can work. Focusing on crit so abilities will do more damage I think leaves you too open to getting smoked and unable to consistently kill others.

User Info: moglimoogle

4 years ago#6
She has 6% natural crit and can crit with any ability that does dmg...crit builds way to go but she is a bit squishy
PSN Tag :: GilmanEastbay
Scruffy: What fevered dream is this that bids to tear this company in twain? [Returns to reading National Pornographic magazine.]

User Info: crax

4 years ago#7
OK! So much testing. I am pretty tired of playing the ole Unglob now. However here's my mostly final results for anyone who still is interested. I've come up with a couple builds that seemed to work well, one much better than the other for me but I think both are viable.

(1) The Webmaster - Unglob is covered in sticky nasty webs, anyone who comes near is entangled! Run a Midgewater Mist with Morgul Vale. This solves the problem of sucking people in only to see them run away. I led several matches in kills with this setup. I use a couple lifestealing gems, ability cooldown and the remaining red crit damage though several options may work. This also solves the problem of slow cooldowns this guy has; they are noticeably better with this setup. Anyone who gets close will be stuck and if you time it right you can stun with the ultimate as it wears off. All the while getting some hits in. I liked it a lot.

(2) The Critmaster - Unglob's rage knows no bounds and all who oppose him...bah you get it. Try at Dagorland with an Endless Stair. I did not like this as much as the webmaster above but it did work, pretty decent crit with at least some speeding up on the cooldowns. Doesn't resolve the "people getting away" problem very well but if the crits go your way it sure hurts. The dagorland almost seems perfect in theory for Unglob as it plays up his strength and addresses weakness. Still though I had a lot better luck with the other build or even the first one I mentioned in this thread.

That's it I am about Unglobed out. I think he can be fun the Webmaster is especially fun as no one seems to know what to do when they can't move for so long and it gives your team a chance to get kills as well (if that's your thing). Good luck to all!

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