Any news on Coop?

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User Info: Doc_ErJ

5 years ago#1
I know the XBOX version had 2 player Coop. But will this remastered version have coop?
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User Info: KrowlinMAN

5 years ago#2
i dont know if it well or not, but im really hoping for split screen co-op
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User Info: MEGAMUR

5 years ago#3

4-player online and offline Co-op, apparently.
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User Info: Mr_AJ

5 years ago#4
4 Player Co-op, I'm not sure if I believe that.
Not that I'm against it, it'll be awesome if it's included.
I wonder if they'll up the difficulty for Co-op.


5 years ago#5
That article is kinda' vague considering there's a bunch of games included - Not sure if the co-op will just be limited to the classic DOOM games. I don't really see how it would work in DOOM 3 but maybe they actually put that much extra effort into doing it? Who knows - That'd be cool but I get the feeling DOOM 3 is still gonna' be single-player. I think they are just reporting what's gonna' be written on the box which could just be there because the classic DOOM games have multiplayer...

User Info: CraniX343

5 years ago#6
It should have coop the old xbox version had it I only did it through system link with another friend the only differences are that some levels from single player are not available in coop.

Second you can respawn when you die but you'll start off with nothing but your handgun you have to go to your corpse if you want your gear back.
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