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User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#1
The game contains several references to the original Doom games. For example, one of the magazines lying about has a "surprised" face on it - that of the Doom Marine from the first two Doom games. Also, the "player face" on the arcade machine is that of the Doom Marine.

Within approximately 1 day of release, there was already a game modification (or 'mod') which added a light to the pistol. In the game itself, players must swap between a flashlight, or a gun.

The name of the doctor responsible for the disaster is Dr. Malcolm Betruger. The German word "Betrüger" means "Cheater" in English. Id Software always tried to prevent cheating in the multiplayer mode of their games. So the bad-guy of Doom3 is a cheater and in reverse cheaters are bad-guys.

In the original Doom, the player lost all their equipment (except for a pistol and 50 bullets) at the beginning of every new episode (for a total of two times). Although no reason was given for this effective "restart" in every chapter, the concept was carried over into Doom 3, and the player loses all their equipment (twice), on the journey to and from Hell. There are also several other holdovers from the original doom, such as a boss fight that consisted of two Barons of Hell, toxic sludge, and more.

In one of the mails found/discovered in the PDAs lying around the base, there's a "futuristic" version of an IP address. If you "subtract" a few digits from it so it becomes a "normal" present-day IP address and perform a "reverse DNS" you'll get: "", the domain/site of the creators/developers of the game.

The PDA audio logs closely resemble the format, tone, and pacing of the audiotape Ash listens to in Evil Dead II.

Development team averaged about 24 people.

Originally was not intended to be made. John Carmack, unimpressed with the current plan for the company's next game, told his co-owners that unless Doom 3 was id software's next project, he would quit.

While most of the levels exist highly ruined, the developers first built every level as if nobody had ever walked in them. Going through each level with special developer-only 'weapons', level designers would then dismantle the levels in order to create a highly damaged effect.

Originally, the Soul Cube was going to be split into four sections, forcing the player to defeat each section's "Guardian". Designers felt that this would make the Cube seem weak, and opted instead to keep the Cube whole. However, this concept is reused for the Artifact in Doom 3: Ressurection of Evil, where the player have to fight Guardians in order to gain new special powers.

Originally the Soul Cube would have required ten enemy kills to "activate". It was after testing comments got back to them that they decided to cut the requirement in half and make it five kills.

Doom 3 included the first time id ever contracted an outside story writer (Matt Castello) and the first time they ever completely storyboarded an entire game before.

In the last level, just before the final boss, there is an empty room with the "Id" Logo on the wall. If you click on it the near wall opens in a secret room and you can take the "Id Pda" with the "Thanks" of the Id Staff.
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User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#2
Originally the story of the Soul Cube was to be told to the player through hallucinations. These hallucinations would trigger during any type of portal transport to add both back story and tension. This was to show the player that the cube was trying to communicate with the player through the portals all the way from Hell. They would've been split into sections, and by the time of the final transport, the player would be aware that the Cube was trapped in Hell, split into sections. However, this back story would've hurt pacing too much, and many of the elements the cut-scenes would've shown were better delivered in other ways. Also, the element of the Cube being split was also removed.

The original game design document included a scene where the player traveling through an animal kennel where they would fight zombie monkeys. This is not in the final version of the game.

Betruger wasn't originally intended to be the obvious villain as he appears in the game. Originally the player was supposed to assume that Swann was the villain and Betruger would emerge later as the antagonist. This was cut to streamline the story.

The website "" mentioned in the game was also made into a real one-page website, which offers a promotional code allowing the player to get into some of the storage lockers.

If you read Jack Smith's emails on his PDA, one of them makes reference to an accident happening to a worker nicknamed "TorsoBoy". This is a wink-wink reference to the ''Weird Al' Yankovic' song "Albequerque" which features the nickname TorsoBoy. In fact, in Doom 3, the machine in which the accident occurred around was called the "Albequerk Compactor".


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.
If you kill Larry Kaczynski and take his PDA, you will find an email from a "John Okonkwo" that turns out to be the well known "Nigeria Scam", which is apparently still assaulting inboxes well into the 22nd Century.
PSN El_Borak_77

User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#3
Doom 3 Easter Eggs


When you reach Phobos Labs Level 2, the BFG-9000 that's shown on the "Martian Buddy Blaster" arcade machine is the BFG from the original "Doom" games.

Master Sergeant Kelly who plays a main role in "Doom 3", has a cameo in this game where you find a picture of him in Erebus Level 3 on a wall, just as you grab the double-barrel shotgun.


The full list of songs whose melodies have been borrowed or copied either wholly or in part (original Doom only; alphabetical order by artist): AC/DC - "Big Gun": E2M1. Metallica - "No Remorse": E1M1. Metallica - "The Call of Cthulhu": E2M2. Pantera - "Mouth for War": E3M1. Pantera - "Regular People (Conceit)": E2M3. Pantera - "Rise": E1M4.

The chainsaw and shotgun weapons in the game were inspired by the "Evil Dead" series of movies.

The Sega 32X version contains only seventeen maps, taken from the "Knee Deep in the Dead" and "The Shores of Hell" episodes. No maps from the third episode, "Inferno", have been included. (Maps present on the 32X port: E1M1-E1M8 and E2M1-E2M7, as well as the two secret levels E1M9 and E2M9).

The rock band Smashing Pumpkins used the sound of the rocket launcher in their song "Where Boys Fear To Tread".

The Super Nintendo version of this game was the first consular video game to receive a Mature rating from the ESRB.

Various ports of the game have had to make edits, often due to the limitations of the source material. For instance, the Super Nintendo version omitted several levels, and did not feature "from the back" animations for the monsters, which in turn, made the "turning monsters against each other" feature nonexistent in this version. Likewise, the Game Boy Advance version made enemy blood green in order to secure a Teen (not Mature) rating from the ESRB.

The sound of a Former Human and/or Imp dying is that of a Bactrian camel's mating call.
PSN El_Borak_77

User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#4

The programmers added a picture of John Romero's head on a stage at the last level. John noticed that and added a sample to the last level of him saying: "To win this game you must beat me, John Romero". The sample was pitch-shifted and reversed.

There are two bonus levels which are recreations of the first and ninth levels of Wolfenstein 3D (the game which launched the "first person 3D shooter" genre).

The only way to see John Romero's head on the last level is to invoke the cheat code that allows you to walk through walls ("idclip" on the PC version) and walk through the giant face.

The full list of songs whose melodies have been borrowed or copied either wholly or in part (Doom 2 only; alphabetical order by artist): Alice in Chains - "Angry Chair": Map25. Alice in Chains - "Them Bones": Map23. Black Sabbath - "After All (the Dead)": Map10. Pantera - "This Love": Map18. Slayer - "South of Heaven": Map07.


To exit the Super Secret level, the player must shoot four figures hanging from ropes. These are the Commander Keen character from the 1990 id Software game of the same name.
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User Info: Mr_AJ

4 years ago#5
Can't believe there isn't a Dopefish easter egg somewhere in the game.

User Info: William_18

4 years ago#6
I can't believe it's not butter.
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User Info: schlaufuchsMIKE

4 years ago#7
There's a PDA in Doom 3 belonging to a Finch (ca't remember his full name) in which a Brent Davis emails him, telling him to study up for the trivia contest on Wednesday, which is a reference to the British version of The Office.
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User Info: Malus_X6

4 years ago#8
Zombie Monkeys from Hell... Sounds like a problem only the BFG could fix >.>
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User Info: MrCucumber

4 years ago#9
love reading the Easter eggs of doom 3

Id is so cool with the mini-throwbacks
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User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#10
Mr_AJ posted...
Can't believe there isn't a Dopefish easter egg somewhere in the game.

i think there may be. on the doom 3 easter egg page it says it might be in the glowing pentagram.
PSN El_Borak_77
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