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User Info: TheGamr101

4 years ago#1
anymore R&C games after this. What studio would you trust to work on the franchise? For me I wouldn't mind Santa Monica or Sucker Punch. It doesn't have to be a second or first party studio.
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User Info: OniLink96

4 years ago#2
What makes you think Santa Monica would be good with R&C? Then again, the only Santa Monica games I've ever played is the God of War series, but still. They wouldn't be my first choice.

To be honest, I'd give High Impact Games control over the series. They showed some real potential with Secret Agent Clank, I think. And even Size Matters had its moments.

And despite what people say (and despite the fact that this isn't an R&C game) I really liked Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. HIG has some serious potential, I think.

I don't like that they made that one Phineas and Ferb game, but I've played it, so who knows, maybe that game is good too.

User Info: CourtneyGears

4 years ago#3
SuperBot Entertainment. Robots make the best developers.
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User Info: SuplexKirby

4 years ago#4
CourtneyGears posted...
SuperBot Entertainment. Robots make the best developers.


User Info: Tron-Burgundy

4 years ago#5
CourtneyGears posted...
SuperBot Entertainment. Robots make the best developers.

Robots really....grind my gears.
NagiTsunami posted...
Tron was the best MGO1 player...

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