First impression. Terrible.

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User Info: GamerSlyRatchet

4 years ago#11
CronoDyne posted...
It's a spin-off.

No, it's not. Insomniac themselves came out to hype this as the newest entry to the series and a return to the game's "classic feel." They failed miserably at the latter.

Then UYA didn't have a classic feel as well?

User Info: dandi

4 years ago#12
Hey everyone,
Thought I would give my opinion. Not that bad of a game for $20 but here are the things I found annoying. You can only co-op with your friends or people that you know their PSN. This is annoying to me because none of my friends have this game. It seems that there are very few people playing this game online because I have only been able to find a few matches. As for the campaign, the level where you defend your base against the tanks for the first time was extremely annoying to me. The reason was that I could barely get half way across the map when another of those kamikaze bomber guys would run at the base. They seem to be able to kill any type of turret I put up there, even with the chrono mines to slow them down. So, I would have to return to base every single time to kill them myself. I killed two of them and got the checkpoint message, turned the corner and about ten seconds later received a message that more were coming. That is definitely a map where a good two person team would be needed. I thought that the final boss fight was slightly annoying as well. You spent half the time trying to defuse the bombs he created or knocking off his shield. But, I still liked the game. If anyone would like to play, please feel free to add me. I look forward to playing with or against you.

Your fellow gamer,
Dandi - PSN: theluh

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