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User Info: SoopaKilla

4 years ago#1
For those of you who have played, when you go to profile then go to Campaign, there is 3 things to collect for each level, the first is medals, the second is gold bolts, but what is the 3rd thing? It looks like an explosion or something and on the first stage I got a 3/7 but don't know what its for. Can someone please help me out and let me know what it is so I can get 100% on each level?
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User Info: Sharpshooter_x5

4 years ago#2
skill points i think
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User Info: SoopaKilla

4 years ago#3
Thank you for your response, I think I figured it out too. In the first level there are 6 skill points that have the name of the level in them and when I counted I had 3 of them, there is also on the last page skill points that have ????? on them, probably one for each level making the 7
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User Info: dandi

4 years ago#4
Some of the skill points are going to be very hard to get. The level where those freaking kamikaze bombers keep running at your base seemed to take forever. It seemed like every minute you would get notice that they were coming at your base. It seems like you would need a good team to be able to get some of the speed skills. Not a bad game so far. I am always looking to play with good people, so if you are interested, please feel free to add me. I look forward to playing with or against you.

Your fellow gamer,
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