Direct Explanation of the Style of Gameplay

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User Info: Kazama Jin

Kazama Jin
5 years ago#31
Really looking forward to this game, though I'm a castlevania fan and thought LoS was fantastic. Except elements of the soundtrack, but that's been discussed to death already.

I think the only 2 things I'd point out are,

1, which has been discussed to death, I'd hope that the composer this time around will take care to do the soundtracks in the celebrated castlevania style, that is to say, making each area a seperate character piece of music, rather than having the entire game be movie soundtracked, to emphasize the plot, rather than emphasizing the castle and areas themselves. Castlevania has long strived on having character based compositions for various areas of the castle, ever since Castlevania 1, I haven't heard any music from before that. But even in CV1, the 30 second(i think) loops do every stage justice.

I'll really be looking forward to the soundtrack, however, the trailer for LoS2 sounded very much like LoS1, even using some of the exact same modulations from LoS. The soundtrack in LoS was quality, but simply had little to do with castlevania.. So I will definitely be hoping for a change this time around, as far as this goes.

2, I am actually really hoping the 3ds game has replay value.

My problem with this is that, the greatest 2d action game to ever be developed is on the 3ds also, Shinobi, from griptonite and sega. Having spent 70 or so hours with it already, I can't help but think a 2.5D castlevania that is not very deep and gameplay savy won't hold a candle to a masterful game like Shinobi.

So the main point here is that I hope there is a deep combat mechanic, that will offer an intelligent action game even after people do 35 or so hours and complete what the game offers.

I'm really looking forward to the 3ds game, and LoS2. These concerns are legitimate, but they are minor, I'm really just glad castlevania is still making games. And not just games, these are major titles. I was very relieved to see the trailer for LoS2.

User Info: Echidneys

5 years ago#32
I do prefer 2D sidescrolling with sprites, but seeing as how they plan to work in some 3D segments, 2.5D is logical.

I can't wait to see what this game has to offer.
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User Info: Shadow Reaver

Shadow Reaver
5 years ago#33
Castlevania Lords of Shadow is one of my top 5 Castlevania games, only 1 of which is a metroidvania. this sounds good but i dont know if i would buy a 3DS just for this. nothing else on the 3DS has my interest and i lose interest in handhelds after only about a month.
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User Info: RaveltGlory

5 years ago#34
Besides the nod to LoS, the game sounds pretty interesting.

User Info: LinkSSJ6

5 years ago#35
"Levelling up to get new combos"

Combos. In castlevania.
That's my biggest beef with this game. Generic western artstyle is next. At least Kojima's style was unique.
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User Info: Pinxed

5 years ago#36
GodofBalance posted...
- Robert Carlyle is returning to voice Gabriel, so Gabriel will play some, likely important, role in the game.

According to the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Gabriel/Dracula is the final boss. The Brotherhood of Light want him dead because Gabriel is planning his revenge on them.

I wasn't sure if that was a spoiler (as I haven't seen/played a Castlevania game before, although looking for a game like this) and I am currently reading the issue right now.
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User Info: RaveltGlory

5 years ago#37
I'm not excluding myself on this.

But fanboys are the worst things in the gaming industry right now.

CV had to change at some point. It doesn't mean it'll be good after the change, but it has to try.

It's why I have to give props to Final Fantasy, even if everything since 7, including 7 (excluding 9), has sucked to me. They've always changed it up. They move their formula forward.

Combos in CV? Yeah sounds fine. Just don't make it a GoW game. That's the only fear I have right now with the LoS tag in the name of this game.

If we went back to single-swing whipplay, I'd be bored out of my skull.

User Info: L0rdSeth

5 years ago#38
Yarott posted...
^ It only needs Vampire Killer, Simon's Theme, Bloody Tears and Wicked Child. Other than that, anything else is fine! Actually, I like LoS' soundtrack, but without certain staple songs, it fell a bit bland at the beginning. Which, in my opinion, the tracks started to pick up after the Music Box level!

What about March of the holy man? beginning, dance of pales, dance of illusions, trashard in the cave or iron blue intention?

cos asking for cross a fear or cross your heart is a bit too much, IMO.
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User Info: slashraptor21XX

5 years ago#39
Ness0123456789 posted...
So uh...remind me again why people are whining about this game, exactly?

It sounds like Mercury Steam is giving people everything they wanted and then some. I'm also very glad to see it's being done in 2.5D ala The Dracula X Chronicles. It's the best way to go about a 2D Castlevania game this generation honestly.

How about a Castlevania-like experience? Still haven't gotten that from Mercury Steam, and from the look of it, won't with MoF and LoS2. I don't like the reboot and remain a fan of CV, unlike all the cox suckers out there

User Info: Hated_Darkness

5 years ago#40
Unfortunately, this info is not enough of a direct explanation of the style of the gameplay.

How often will you have rooms you have to kill every enemy in? How extensive will the combo system be? How nonlinear will the areas be? As nonlinear as SotN or less nonlinear like PoR? Will there be equipment? Will you have statistics? Will those statistics go up as the game progresses through some kind of RPG system? So far all they've mentioned exp is used for is buying combos, not buying stat upgrades or anything.

These and many more questions they will have to answer before one can determine what the game is truly like.
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