ITT let's completely ruin SMT IV!

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User Info: XMonkeySniperX

5 years ago#81
Atlus has been doing better in America in recent years at least, haven't they? I mean sure, Catherine isn't exactly an RPG like SMT games are, but I find it unlikely they'll shut down operations completely.
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User Info: Tayo2345

5 years ago#82
Chie is a mandatory character for no good story reason and has her Persona 4 Vanilla skillset.

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User Info: Nickcool1996

5 years ago#83
SoulBreaker5309 posted...
So the current president of Atlus USA has stepped down apparently, and this brought a horrifying (and, thankfully, unrealistic) thought to mind:

Index Corporation determines that doing business with the US no longer yields enough profit to be feasible (especially with the Yen to Dollar conversion rate) and decides to pull operations out of the US, terminating Atlus USA. MegaTen games are no longer localized, and with the recent push on region locking, one would have to import a JP 3DS to even play this game.

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User Info: Burner101

5 years ago#84
54. Somehow, the script for Shin Megami Tensei IV is mixed up with the script for the fourth episode of Egoraptor's hit series Girl-Chan in Paradise. We thus, get stuff like this.

MC's canon name is Kenpachi Ramasama.

The main villain randomly breaks through walls at the weirdest moments, laughs, and then calls the protagonists "Puny Humans/Mortals/Eukaryotic beings". This will immediately be followed up by the Law Hero saying "Main Antagonist isn't a human/is immortal/is a prokaryotic being... that explains everything!"

Every time you enter a new area the Law Hero will ask "WHHAAAAAAT IS THIS PLACE?" to which the Chaos Hero will answer with "Some kind of <vague description of area>."

Chaos Hero will constantly attack a Boss character head on, only to be easily swept aside/knocked down a flight of stairs.

And so forth.
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User Info: Supah1337

5 years ago#85
55.) dispite having so many irritating party members, the hero will fight all enemies solo.

56.) no death and super easy mode are the only modes available

57.) in the ending the whole game turns out to be a dream. You must replay a second time to see the ending
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User Info: Valorous_Roland

5 years ago#86
legisu86 posted...
11- The plot twist consist of the heroine revealing to the party that she's not entirely human and being devastated by the possibility of not traveling with everyone. While she's crying the hero hugs her in front of everyone screaming "YOU BIG DUMMY!! To me Heroine-chan will always be Heroine-chan!"
After she finish saying "Oh! Hero-kun..." an unexpected boss battle finish the emotionally epic scene.

When I first read this, I was a little confused to be honest. But then, when I thought about it... At least half of the non-MegaTen JRPGs I play have this or a gender-swapped version of this.
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