Well this has me hopeful...

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User Info: psoesm

5 years ago#11
SJ was alright. I didn't like the environment, combo system, the environmental message, or how little prescence had YH/Luci had. Not that far into Nocturne yet and can't play it for the time being, but I do like the setting a lot more.
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User Info: LightHawKnight

5 years ago#12
DynamicJumpIuff posted...

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User Info: Tayo2345

5 years ago#13
Lelouch71 posted...
I hope it is in third person as well, but have the option of making it first person for those fans. I don't mind first person dungeon crawling but I like playing in third person more.

This, so hard.
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User Info: Jati_no_Rei

5 years ago#14
If it's as awesome as Nocturne, I'm totally fine with 3d models and view. If it is 1st person only, I certainly want it to be "grid/turn-based", as I'm not a fan of the shooter style RPG. I'd actually love to see "Nocturne 2", in so much as anything would be. That said, I've loved basically every SMT game I've ever played, so I'd be highly surprised if this one turned out to be anything less than awesome.
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User Info: JimmyMimpson

4 years ago#15
I haven't played most of the series, but when I think SMT I thin 1st person. I love 1st person elements in RPGs, being a huge fan of Phantasy Star, Dragn Quest, and Mother/Earthbound. I think the best solution would be the ability to switch between 1st and 3rd person, so everyone's happy.
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User Info: Gin_Devil

4 years ago#16
I can't wait for this game! I've been trying to play all the SMT games and so far the only ones I haven't are the second p2, Devil Summoner, DDS2, and Overclocked. I can't wait to play this!
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