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User Info: sucellos

5 years ago#1
(Continuing the last archived topic)

Since this game is bound to have a relatively big following and a large roster, let's spread the word and show our support for the franchise and this series by selecting a demon we want to represent and put it in our sigs.

To claim a demon you just need to follow 3 simple rules:

- the 1st person to claim a demon gets to be their official representative in this board (and gamefaqs by extension)

- you can choose any demon from the Megami Tensei universe, including the Persona, Devil Summoner, Digital Devil Saga, Devil Children, Last Bible, Majin Tensei, Devil Survivor, Shin Megami Tensei and the original Megami Tensei series. You cannot choose human characters, like Teddie or Jimenez.

- there cannot be 2 users with the same demon even if with different designations (for example Hokuto Seikun and Beiji Weng are one and the same entity, they cannot be both chosen).

Here is the list of already claimed demons:

Abel – Rath_Attack
Aciel – sevihaimerej
Adam -- Crimson-haired
Ahriman – JB_Helmholtz
Alcor -- Sir_Haxor
Alice – shampoowarrior
Amaterasu – Hadokenzero11
Ardha – BlueSophia
Asmodeus -- XCrossYZ
Azrael – CrisisOfFate

Baal – PKStarSaber
Bai Ze – ZXpenguinlord
Baphomet - MHGALE
Barong -- Jessicat_715
Beelzebub – n00bifier
Beldr – Gin_Devil
Black Frost – JudicialToaster
Black Rider -- Sephirotht

Cthulhu – purplelink27
Cu Chulainn – lujzb

Daisojou – RuneEsper
Dante – 4o2
Demi-fiend – Hitoshura_
Demiurge – indg_nt_judgmnt
Demonee-Ho -- Groadergreen
Doppelganger – themegaman7

Feng Huang – NetMafiaGospel
Fenrir – Fenrir_Howls

Gabriel -- ChocoXCheese
Garm -- Argonisgema
Ghoul -- Cyrlous

Helel – Boomerang78
Huang Long – Chilosan

Inugami – samus20018
Ishtar – Die_bl0
Izanagi – _Izanagi_

Jack Frost – Serphtensei
Jack Ripper -- mceb
Jiraiya – GeminiX7

Kikuri-Hime – Ryoko27
King Frost -- stevenbob
Koga Saburo – Unbral
Kresnik – Lelouch71
Kyuubi No Kitsune – lulzace

Leviathan – Burner101
Lilim – DynamicJumpIuff
Loki – MetalLoki
Lucifer – OZZcln
Lucifrost – mrnoe4136
Lugh – Doru_Dinn

Makara – Mattatron42
Mara – Ikilluha1
Masakado – Tales_of_Master
Matador -- The_Sol_Blader
Melchizedek – duranmanX
Messiah – qwertyuio1
Metatron – _Matt_Engarde_
Michael – MajinGASKA
Mithra – NegaArchon
Moh Shuvuu - Kogasa-Tatara
Mother Harlot – TruthJelly
Mothman – Strain42

Naga Raja – Cheesepower5
Nebiros -- BaeI
Neko Shogun -- WiiFan77
Nidhoggr – Nidhoggur
Noah -- monstermorrill
Norn -- KefkaesqueXIII
Nyarlathotep – ParallelNebulae
Nyx -- LOD93

Oberon -- chrishu311
Odin – LightHawKnight
Okuninushi – Celestial_Red
Orpheus Telos – G_Physalis

Pale Rider – gtomanga
Pallas Athena -- namelessregret
Pazuzu – kakashik99992
Pixie – El_Dustino
Pyro Jack – ZeroX91
Python -- Bio_Hazardss

Raiho – zavlinz
Rakshasa – SmashStrike
Raphael -- Death_Kitty
Remiel – ProfessorRage

Samael – cj_iwakura
Satan – EnuoCale
Scathach – SiliatPariax
Shiki-Ouji – Plasma EXE
Shiva – thegreatcthulhu
Sraosha – CloseTheMoon
Succubus -- KittenLina
Surt – TehKrimboElf
Susano-o – JJenesis
The Official Throne of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board

User Info: sucellos

5 years ago#2
Take-Minakata – nemesiskite55
Tam Lin -- elric_77
Thanatos – AgnosticMessiah
Thor – HollowNinja
Thoth -- ArmedDragoon
Throne – sucellos
Tiamat -- AngelVanished
Titania – EimearSalrynn
Trumpeter – 1998_z

Uriel – Moranite

Varuna - SlashReturns
Vidofnir -- MancerNecro
Vishnu – Pandora012

White Rider – D_Winds
Wu Kong / Seiten Taisei – Dragard_Kaos

Yamata no Orochi – Dayner_Kurdi
YHVH – Aztek123
Yoshitsune – blamon123
Yuki Jyorou – Aurora514

Zaccoum – TheSlinja
The Official Throne of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board

User Info: CrisisOfFate

5 years ago#3
Just out of curiosity, how many demons have been claimed?
The official Azrael of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board.

User Info: Over_Shinryu

5 years ago#4
No one claimed my favorite as far as I saw. So, I'm the official Amatsu Mikaboshi ( I CAN FLY AND TELEPORT BABY ).

User Info: IlluminaZer0

5 years ago#5
Mem Aleph is mine.

User Info: coydog_30

5 years ago#6
I think i'll go ahead and snatch up Horus.
"When life gives you lemons, go murder a clown"~Festus Krex
PSN: coydog_30 GT: TyingDarkDragon

User Info: SilentHeroSMT44

5 years ago#7
Posting mine.
The Hee-ho-fficial Neutral Hero of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board

User Info: kratoscar2008

5 years ago#8
I claim Vulcanus Tatsuya Suou Persona.

User Info: Honzou

5 years ago#9

Cause someone has to be the Classy Great duke/kinght. ;)
The All Father has bequeath me the gift of battle. So now I bequeath you my spear through your heart.

User Info: xylophone2

5 years ago#10
I'll go ahead and take Leanan Sidhe. Now to figure out what to do with my sig.
With each passing day, the world finds new and exciting ways to kill a man.-Balthier FFXII
Official Vaporeon of the Pokemon X & Y Boards
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