Lilim>Lilith>Catherine ?

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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#11
Dragard_Kaos posted...
I'm calling her Katerhine from now on.

Yeah that's the name Katherine wanted to be called in the sack :p

Brodie_Gorgo posted...
So we should all date ugly girls then shouldn ´t we.

A girl like Catherine, no matter how flirtatious and beautiful she is, may just be waiting for the right person to go steady. I don t even think she was dating anyone else but Vincent after she met him.
Then whether a girl or not will remain faithful once she is in a relationship does not depend on her type, or on the way she dresses, or talks...

You can date ugly girls but I most certainly wouldn't :p. A girl like Catherine from my experience tend to be immature and/or have tons of issues. It best to just enjoy her for the fun and sex. None of that commitment stuff. She wasn't dating anyone else in the game but she did admit that she screws other guys especially since she is a succubus. If someone is into open relationship then she wouldn't be a bad choice. Just know that she would be clingy and emotionally immature. But hey you could always make a woman out of a girl like Catherine.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#12
Catherine should've had a Neutral girl.

Not Erica, since she's a m->f transsexual and Vincent knows it. She was kind of Law leaning anyway.

Qatherine for PC re-release.
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User Info: Zloke1337

4 years ago#13
As always K>C
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User Info: NeoSamuel

4 years ago#14
Heck it would be fun to see Catherine as an optional boss.
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