So do you eventually f*** Isabeau? >_>

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  3. So do you eventually f*** Isabeau? >_>

User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#21
You already woo Isabeau without trying. She likes you no matter what but if you want to keep her around you need to decide to end your bromances with Walter and Johnathan.

Those three are the possessive types and hate sharing you.
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User Info: ivanhellsing

4 years ago#22
go to the chaos route *if you know what i mean * XD
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User Info: Deitylight

4 years ago#23
Argonisgema posted...
the only way you can woo isabeau is to get the secret ending by getting Burroughs to admit she has a crush on Jonathan then get every demon on your team then you gotta get the chaos law and neutral endings [ at the same time] then and only then will you get to a room where theres a huge bed with isabeau on it wearing nothing but a corset stockings and heels she will say that you have come far but you have one last test then she summons GIGA MARA which is like regular mara but bigger vainer and blue and you have to fight GIGA MARA by yourself no demons and if you win THEN you will be worthy of whooing isabeau.


User Info: Kneekicker

4 years ago#24
To woo Isabeau, you must go to a specific part of Naraku on the Neutral path and hit the wall with a spear 34 times. Upon the 34th strike, there will be a 1/9001 chance of the wall breaking. If the wall doesn't break you must repeat the process until it does. Once you enter the hole in the wall you will emerge in a kitchen where Isabeau will reveal that in order to woo her, you must defeat Merkabah and Lucifer in a 90-minute cooking contest. When you win, you feed your perfect dish to Isabeau, who transforms into Mara and fights you. After you defeat Mara Isabeau returns and congratulates the player as she and Flynn embrace each other... and the credits start rolling.

This is totally legit, my friend said his cousin who lives across the sea confirmed it.
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User Info: SoulHaxorus

4 years ago#25
Kneekicker posted...
90-minute cooking contest

So that's the cooking scene that Trumpeter guy was talking about!
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User Info: Skaldskaparmal

4 years ago#26
Keep this garbage on the Persona boards, thanks. I know it's the only thing you ever make topics/posts about, but Jesus.

User Info: XenonOctopus

4 years ago#27
Don't hate. Masturbate!

User Info: TheMasterTurtle

4 years ago#28

You have to kill her.
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User Info: 1everdude

4 years ago#29
To woo Isabeau you must beat the game on any alignment with only the Wheat Sword equipped.
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User Info: XenonOctopus

4 years ago#30
Too bad Isabeau is pretty flat.
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