PSA about Training Battles 9&10

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User Info: doozer667

4 years ago#1
Don't do them. They were made by sadists that need to be kicked in the teeth. That is all.

User Info: Tatsu751

4 years ago#2
They're totally doable!

Training Battle 10 is total BS though. The only quest I actually used these boards to look for help on.

User Info: ZeroX25

4 years ago#3
9 is fine but 10 on the other hand...

User Info: zeik56

4 years ago#4
I finished 9 after a few tries (hint: using a few basic attacks is enough to finish off one of them), but 10 is the only one I just gave up on.
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User Info: doozer667

4 years ago#5
ZeroX25 posted...
9 is fine but 10 on the other hand...

9 isnt nearly as bad as 10 but it's still absurd. You have to learn how the various characters behave on a turn by turn basis which is dumb as hell. If you do [A] on turn 1 it's okay and you don't die because for some random reason the AI decided not to bore punch you with barbed wire that turn. Do it the next turn and for no explicable reason you are crying for mercy as you hit right bumper and wait to die and start over again.

User Info: rakyatmiskin

4 years ago#6
for 9 i got myself finished after trying 15 the idea is first is to annihilate the demon in the left (not nata taishi)

1 turn
mad geezer > inflict sick
demon in the middle (i forgot the name) > charge

2 turn
mad geezer next
middle > 3rd skill (i forgot the name) sry T.T, to the demon in the left (not nata)
MC > next
mad geezer inflict sick, and then next until turn finished

3 turn (i think your demon in the middle already dead in this process, no problem)
mad geezer inflict sick
MC use blight
end turn

4 turn (the nata would be dead now, and your mad geezer. lan lin wang is inflict with sick and poison, your MC should in healthy state (full HP))
MC use the almighty skill (lanlin wang HP should 1 now)
end turn


if this method is wrong, please tell me... thx

User Info: rakyatmiskin

4 years ago#7
sorry for double post...
for the 10 battle training the key is to appropriate give damage to the enemy.... i already get the value of damage we should give to the enemy.... that is 40 damage precisely not less not more for one enemy ( i try to give 40 damage to the enemy per turn)...

so i get some math for each attack that my demon give... and i got 40 attack damage from power and principality, other member should do nothing, and don't use healing skill for this quest..

so the trick is to do 40 damage to 1 enemy first, i choose syamlaza, and get power hit 15 , and then principality hit 10 and then power hit again 15 so the total is 40 to syamlaza... i repeat this way until the first demon die, and then continue to the second demon until 10 turn

oh yeah, for the demon that must be swap with power i choose kikuri hime ( i dont know if you swap with nadja will be good or not, but i finished this quest with kikuri hime i swap with power)

User Info: tathra

4 years ago#8
almost all of the puzzle battles are ridiculous imo. there's basically only one exact way you can go about beating them, with very little variation. are there any other battles in the entire game that can only be won through using very specific skills with specific demons in a very specific order?

proper puzzle battle challenge quests should be about educating the player on how to use certain skills that they might not realize their usefulness, or use very often; the first couple are good, because they actually teach people who are new to the series the usefulness of certain spells and some useful tactics, but after that its basically trial-and-error until you figure out the one specific way to act in the battle that will let you win. the rewards are pretty trivial enough that i dont see it being worth the effort of going through the battle multiple times just to figure out what one specific way i have to go about it in order to win.
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User Info: legendarylemur

4 years ago#9
Yeah I must agree, they coded it so that one of my completely valid method on training session 9 didn't work. It cheats by letting Nata Taishi act first and use salvation, when in every other case it doesn't. It involves a lot of switching back and forth between the gauntlet so that the MC and Foul Gasser can have another turn. At the end of the set up, I should have sick on the middle guy and Nata Taishi and survive another turn to finish them off, but no...
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