PC0's Guide To Neutral Quests Without Breaking Your Life Stones (spoiler lite)

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User Info: PerfectChaos0

4 years ago#1
A thread written by someone upset about neutral path's challenge quest's has inspired me to create this thread. Feel free to help me fill it in. I will be posting in this thread over time adding various challenge quest links etc.

If you decide to help out and post some links as well, make sure you mention the quest's full name from the list below in your post before the links, as that way users can use CTRL+F to find a collection of links pointing to the quest they have a problem with, etc. Oh and try to minimize spoilers when you can.

NOW! On to the good stuff! First of all, you need THIS:
THESE are the 18 quests needed to get first in neutral.

Zeruel posted...

Eggs for One Hundred
I Want to Make the City Bright
Deliver the Film
Samurai and Hunters United
Hunter Tournament Prelims
Phantom of Madness
Shelter Inspection
Ikebukuro Free District
Demon Guarding the Shrine
Hunter Tournament Finals
Serial Kidnapping + Arson
I Will Give You My Black Card
The Great Drunkenness
Take A Picture of Ginza for Me
Rebirth of the Lady
Multi-Demon Fusion
Mysterious Story of Tennozu
Tokyo Cosmos

First of all, every single quest has a gamefaqs post for it, I've been using them. If you can't find the link(s) for the quest you are working on in this thread, use the gamefaq's search and hey, maybe post in here with the full quest name and thread link when you're done to help out the next guy. You can even be a super boss and transcribe you're own info into that post, while citing the your source links of course.

When searching, make sure to try multiple variants of your search string and try the actual quest name. YES, there is a thread on it if you can't find it, you just might be using the wrong keyword! ALL the quests have a thread, it just sometimes is very awkward finding the right one(s).

The neutral quests are NOT that bad at all. I found completing the quests extremely simple, granted, I did a few as I progressed through the game but it still isn't by any means "hard" regardless. I probably finished up in a couple of hours. Oh and to be clear, YOU ONLY NEED TO COMPLETE 18 SPECIFIC QUESTS FOR NEUTRAL COMPLETION! LIST AVAILABLE ABOVE. So take it easy , it's not as bad as you think.

Note: Although if you do it right, you'll end up doing most if not all the quests anyway, unless you intentionally avoid unessential ones, which hilariously is more work and takes longer due to the lack of certain bonuses. It's just a case of doing a certain quest ASAP.

Next, following these pointers, you can make your life much easier concerning your major neutral quest issues.

*Some of the last quests are only acquirable at the bar in Shinjuku and Ueno. Check those for spots in particular for Rebirth of the Lady.

*Although it's not necessary, DO Resurrection of the Kousoushin. It will make the rest of your quests a snap. To get it, start using scout on demons all over the place. At this point of the game (after alignment lock), they're just dying for you to get it. I know for a fact Moh Shuvuu in Ikebukuro gives it, as do various demons in sky tower.

*While the bosses for that quest seem a bit hard, use tetrakarn and makarakarn to seal the deal and you're sure to have a good time. USE THE FORUMS to find the locations of the items you need to find for that quest. The gamefaqs board search function is almost as big of an asset as Burroughs herself, use it.

*Do NOT kill yourself doing Osiris's Resurrection or Tokyo Cosmos (the deva quest) by doing them before Resurrection of Kousoushin. I recommend doing Kousoushin as soon as possible, as the running around and droll of any further quests is drastically cut out because traveling is... assisted.

User Info: PerfectChaos0

4 years ago#2
OK! ON TO THE QUESTS THEMSELVES! These are some of the more difficult ones or ones with stupidly easy things to miss. As the original post says, feel free to add on to this if you want.

Resurrection of the Kousoushin (NOT REQUIRED BUT DO IT ANYWAY FOR FIRST) Threads:

Tokyo Cosmos (deva quest) Threads:

Osiris' Resurrection (NOT REQUIRED FOR FIRST) Threads:

Eggs for One Hundered:

Photo quest locations:

Ikebukuro Free District:

Phantom of Madness:

User Info: FridgeBeard

4 years ago#3
Giving this a much-deserved bump.
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User Info: Tigo73

4 years ago#4
needs sticky.
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User Info: lulzace

4 years ago#5
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User Info: mongopikis

4 years ago#6
Definitely deserves a sticky.

User Info: Kurashiki999

4 years ago#7
Sorry for asking this here, but, the Photo Quest topic is archived.

Anyway, I have done the two quests with the old woman, and the girl who needs pictures of Kasumigasakei. Going to the hunter in the southwestern part of Shinjuku doesn't trigger anything.

I am trying to get to Tokyo Station, but, I have absolutely no idea where it is.... xD

Can someone tell me what to do next? Directions for TS would be really helpful. Thanks. :)
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User Info: SilentHeroSMT44

4 years ago#8
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User Info: Kurashiki999

4 years ago#9
Bump. xD
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User Info: Taladashar

4 years ago#10
Tag and bump for eventual help later on tonight.
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