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User Info: bobblesworth

3 years ago#1
First time I heard of persona I saw it at a local shop and ended up buying suikoden instead. I looked at the back of the Jewel case over and over and was like, damn this reminds me of wizardry in a modern setting.

Now I played and enjoyed the suikoden series a bit, 1 and 2 being the best fun i'd had.

It wasn't until the DS came around with a shin megami tensei title as a strategy game. I cut my teeth in the universe and it was a hell of a lot more fun at the time then the competition. Like I said, the series had been around for a while, and this take of the gameworld felt like Pokemon meets Vandal Hearts. It was dark, gritty, and grindy too.

Afterwards I gave the series another shot. I jumped into PSP persona 3 ( notice the handhelds ) and the formula was similar but... how did they make a dungeon crawler turn into a story book turn into final fantasy.

So after this I was lost. I did not finish this one. I ended up buying elminage and class of heroes 3, and wizardry on the PSN. Very fun, yet something happend.

Shin Megami Tensei has a rich lore about it that I couldn't get out of my head.

Finally I bought the damn 3DS XL, only had to wait a year for nintendo to realise that some of the NA customers might want an adult black/black case out of the box.. So..

It is freaking awesome. I child/drunk proofed it for friends and family. Everyone loves the thing. Then I got this one game for myself. Shin Megami Tensei 4. Cool. It's a FP dungeon crawler in the samurai era right. I am blown away by the story which I havent seen in a game like this since wizardry 8 or to it's credit, class of heroes.

So seven samurai is on and i am like some holy paladin master who takes care of the world, reminds me of those books R A Salvatore wrote called Demon Wars.

And first fight i get in struggle. Woah, ok at least it didn't hold my hand. Next fight captured a centaur.

Third fight, I was destroyed in 1 hit. Ok no more going into battle without full health.

Destroyed. WTF. reset, got a healer.

Destroyed my healer... JFC, that was expensive.

Since then and as i slowly found my way out, destroyed destroyed, level up, destroyed.

Is this the toughest game I've played? No. But it is certainly the toughest game that I will come back to and see to the end.

Toughest game ever? Frogger, hydlide, ninja gaiden 1. No it was nothing like that. It's getting up there with battletoads at the moment but just like that game, I will come back for the fun, and yeah. level 3 aint S H I Tpickle now.

And heres one for ya. How the F-Bomb were we supposed to figure out the level 8 maze of mario? Ask me now I dont even remember it. it would take like, all freaking night to puzzle it out if you didnt know beforehand
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User Info: Nova666

3 years ago#2
SMT 3 and Digital Devil Saga 2 are easily harder RPGs.
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User Info: rubberchicken

3 years ago#3
Nocturne is much more forgiving when you're not actually fighting bosses.

User Info: CronoDAS

3 years ago#4
The beginning of this game is pretty nasty; it's very easy to get killed while trying to recruit your first three demons. It tends to get easier over time, though; for example, getting your team set up to efficiently take advantage of elemental weaknesses makes a big difference.
- Doug
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User Info: crazygamer999

3 years ago#5
rubberchicken posted...
Nocturne is much more forgiving when you're not actually fighting bosses.

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User Info: 258laza

3 years ago#6
crazygamer999 posted...
rubberchicken posted...
Nocturne is much more forgiving when you're not actually fighting bosses.

*casts Red Capote*
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