I wish SMT IV had a sound test

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User Info: DeliFlatChest

3 years ago#11
TheSlinja posted...
From: DeliFlatChest | #009
It hurt my eyes when i see Yellow things here

I've been looking all through Youtube for Aquila Plaza(IMO the best OST in the whole game)
But no use

That's a funny way to spell Ikebukuro
But yeah, the songs form mikado are harder to find
You mean this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO09MKcfqOg

No, that's not it
I can't find it either :\

This is what i meant

My eyes did hurt me first time i saw it, But not anymore it seems

Megidolaon for everyone!

User Info: TheSlinja

3 years ago#12
Wow, that does look terrible, why would you do that to yourself
Official Member of the Goma Orak Fan Club

User Info: DeliFlatChest

3 years ago#13
Never thought Purple+Black could go wrong

I was asking a friend if Purple+White is better or Purple+Black and he said black, So i did go with it
Megidolaon for everyone!

User Info: bahamut920

3 years ago#14
GeekyDad posted...
I wish it had a lot of those things to tinker with. A bestiary for instance. Sure, we have the CoS, but navigation of it is obviously designed around fusing demons. A sound test, sprite viewer, BGM thing to listen to the various themes, theater mode to play back cutscenes. I love all those things in games. Sorry to see so much of that lost over the years. Publishers squeeze, developers have to lop off the least essential stuff, I suppose.

Well, there is both a bestiary and a sprite viewer of sorts within the game, and I'm not talking about the Cathedral. If you go to "Status" in the main menu, you can select either "Party" or "Analyze", the latter of which gives you a list of every demon you've encountered, with the exception of bosses. Pressing Start while viewing a demon's status switches between the demon's portrait and in-battle sprite.
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