Is this game hard?

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User Info: TheLink523

3 years ago#1
It's on sale in eshop with a pleasing price.Does this game have a hard learning curve to it? This will be my first series to play on if I buy it.

User Info: Byuusetsu

3 years ago#2
Yes and no. It can be pretty annoying, especially at the beginning of the game, but there are lower difficulty options and if you keep enough money around you'll never actually get a game over.
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User Info: Navyblack14

3 years ago#3
Just mentally prep yourself for the beginning, especially if you're unfamiliar with SMT games as a whole. It can be frustrating.
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User Info: Gallusz

3 years ago#4
I found the start to be pretty demoralizing. But uh I'm about 85% through and although I die quite a bit it's mostly due to incompetence.
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User Info: astrophys

3 years ago#5
It has a rough beginning but drops off eventually.

You in all probability will get killed several times in the first dungeon. However, once you die the 2nd time, it will unlock the easy mode option (and you can then switch between easy and normal at any time).

I have only played on normal myself (I didn't use easy even though it was unlocked for me), so I cannot comment on how much easier the easy mode is.

You can also save your game basically anywhere, which means you are never going to lose significant amounts of progress just because you died (unless you were being grossly negligent about not saving often).

Even if you forget to save your game and get killed, the game will let you pay with your character's in-game money or with your 3DS PlayCoins (which you get from walking around with the 3DS while the 3DS is in sleep mode) to get revived and returned to where you were just before you died without incurring a game over.

So its a rough beginning, but save-anywhere, the option of easy mode, and the ability to be revived without getting a game-over as long as you pay with your character's money or PlayCoins give you plenty of tools to take it on without becoming overly frustrated.

User Info: Natergator

3 years ago#6
There are 2 bosses at the beginning that might break your spirit. If you get past them, the rest of the game will seem like an appropriate difficulty and the plot will pick up as well

User Info: terran3999999

3 years ago#7
Only in the beginning when you don't have that many options to use.

Of course, later in the game it helps to use your brain rather than just mash A. Make sure to have a well balanced demon party that can cover all the "damage" types.
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User Info: Link_Destined_1

3 years ago#8
If you really find this game is kicking your behind, try the three grinding DLC quests, which are around $6 each(?). They make grinding far less tedious, but the temptation to abuse them runs the risk of sucking the challenge (and possibly the fun) out of the game.
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