Hawkgirl or Raven?

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User Info: Hijackedbyganon

4 years ago#11
Im not picking here based on which character I like more, I like them about equally but If I had to pick one or the other Iv thought since I knew about this game that one of the Hawks would be one of the best choices possible, they seem built for a fighting game with all their weapons.

User Info: LeatherWings

4 years ago#12
luridedith posted...
I think this is all the girls we are going to get unfortunately:

Wonder Woman
Harley Quinn

Black Canary (Day 1 along with Martian Manhunter)
Power Girl

MAYBE a surprise like Katana or Poison Ivy for DLC.

Minus the maybe section this is precisely what I see happening, with the exception that Power Girl could be on the initial roster. Katana is in no way going to make it.

I really see Martian Manhunter and Black Canary being early DLC. It sucks, but make sense from a marketing standpoint. They're the 2 remaining big name JLA characters, and fans'd willingly shell out an extra few bucks for 'em, while they're not crucial to the story.
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User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#13
strange poll choice. i would take both (although I don't know hawk girl), but IRaven has priority.


4 years ago#14
The 2 female villains so far are Batman related. I think that there will at least be 1 more female villain before dlc, and I think it should be Granny Goodness because it would be great to finally have an older heavy set female fighter, and since Hawkgirl has a mace then Granny Goodness could use a steel hammer like Shao Kahn.

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