Would if you prefered if Capcom made this game?

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  3. Would if you prefered if Capcom made this game?

User Info: ZeroGearM

4 years ago#1
Like an exact copy of umvc3 and without DLC bs, would you?

That would be a dream imo.

User Info: bend6000

4 years ago#2
I loved SSF4 and I enjoyed SFxT 2013, but the MvC gameplay really doesn't do anything for me.
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User Info: EichiroNobunaga

4 years ago#3

Too much "one-touch-death" and it's more about being flashy than being technical. Also, inb4 someone says something about DLC.

User Info: DoritoXI

4 years ago#4
No. I don't like UMVC3. It's no fun having your character killed in one combo.

User Info: mixedlion

4 years ago#5
No. I don't want another crappy anime-inspired fighter with cutesy miniature characters and schoolgirls, complete with locked disc content and about 2-3 versions with extra characters coming six months after the game's release. I'll leave it to NRS to make the game.
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User Info: gtomanga

4 years ago#6
no becase they will make it halfassed rehash using the street fighter 4 style and the game will have no story at all
just them fighting each other for no reason at all

and 5 month later they will give us ultimate injustice
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User Info: Tsuki-Shiro

4 years ago#7
I prefer NRS make it, I like the dark artstyle/models etc that they use and I found the Mk9 gameplay fun and simple. Also because nrs did an awesome job with mk9's story mode, and they are doing the same for injustice.

User Info: Mister_Spyker

4 years ago#8
Not at all.
Dear lord, Spyker just ripped his entire life apart in nothing more than a few paragraphs. Ouch... - RexSilver

User Info: fredjetson

4 years ago#9
No. MvC3 was a disgrace to the franchise and i want injustice as far from that as possible

User Info: kimarous

4 years ago#10
No. I do not enjoy Capcom fighters at all.
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  3. Would if you prefered if Capcom made this game?

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