Any word on Fatalities?

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User Info: grape_escape

4 years ago#1
Have seen some blood in some of the trailers, but NRS hasn't mentioned anything about the Fatalities. Are they saving them for release?

User Info: razkal

4 years ago#2
Nope, sorry.

This isn't MK.
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User Info: EichiroNobunaga

4 years ago#3
There are no fatalities. At all.

User Info: RahmtheMinotaur

4 years ago#4
Each character has a super, but they don't kill the opponent if that's what you mean.

User Info: game2002

4 years ago#5
You'd think this should be known by everyone by now...
Praise the Lord, our one true God!

User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#6
let me guess

next topic you make on this board will be about how this game shouldn't have combos, right?
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User Info: The_Darkwalker

4 years ago#7
TC, you are a very poor troll.
Evil always wins because Good is dumb.

User Info: bobaban

4 years ago#8
Every character has a "down" animation.

User Info: NoizyChild

4 years ago#9
Oh Jesus, Grape Escape is here.

Who knew a "rage quitting scrub" like me could make so much noize?

User Info: Mrpenguin454

4 years ago#10
Still think the exclusion is a very poor choice! Oh well...
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