The Battle Arena Schedule & Thoughts

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User Info: EichiroNobunaga

4 years ago#1
So, my friend and I were talking about the Battle Arena and how no fights were surprising in the least, and when I went to check the bracket to see if there's a third place match (I don't think there is), I noticed something...

For some reason, this week is an off week, and voting for the semi finals doesn't start until the 25th. Then, the week after that is an off week and the finals don't start until the 8th.

My guess is that they A.) want to drag on the Battle Arena a bit closer to release and B.) need time to prepare for Celebrity interviews and other promo stuff, etc. This works out well since they're probably going to reveal stuff in the meantime. I mean, we did get Doomsday AND Raven in a span of two days, and that was during a week where we actually had some matches-- 4, to be exact.

I'm guessing in the coming weeks, we'll get the last three non-secret character trailers (Black Adam, Ares, Mystery Woman) plus some of the alt costumes we haven't seen yet (Cyborg, Sinestro, Catwoman, Raven, Doomsday).

And then for the final week, the inevitable Batman vs Superman fight is gonna' havta be A LOT bigger of a match than those shown so far. More hype, more length, more mechanics. Personally, I think we might get a 3-match final with each taking one match, and then the last match being the real fight determining the winner. And of course, each with different costumes and stages and stuff.

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User Info: SmashK

4 years ago#2
Yeah, we did have a great week last week - 2 character reveals + 4 Battle Arena videos + new costumes being shown. Good stuff.

And the by-weeks in the Battle Arena schedule are a little weird. I'm sure they have some big things planned to keep the information flowing out to fans.

What I'd really like to see during the by-weeks are Character Trailers, like the Aquaman trailer where we got to see his role in the story mode and game play footage. I'd also love more information about these "challenge tower" style missions. They should put out a trailer for that.

I'm sure the final match will be hyped up like mad!
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User Info: RedHawk4

4 years ago#3
I don't think they have a whole lot more to reveal when it comes to characters, but it would be nice to see more gameplay of those who were knocked out after just one fight (Bane, Sinestro, Luthor) in addition to some footage of Nightwing and Deathstroke.
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User Info: EichiroNobunaga

4 years ago#4
They did throw Shazam into the Doomsday fight, which I figure was because of how close Shazam vs Flash was it was apparent that we wanted to see more of him.

Some more gameplay would be great, especially since we already have plenty of 3/4 of the semifinalists. Bane and Sinestro definitely got the shaft.
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User Info: mixedlion

4 years ago#5
I definitely agree with you regarding the promos and that they'll probably showcase Batman and Superman each winning a fight before the actual match.

I think we're at least going to have Black Adam (officially) revealed very soon for sure, the other two (Ares and Mystery Woman) are going to be a surprise (or leaked, just like what happened with Smoke and Sheeva).

I really hope we get to see more gameplay for Hawkgirl, Bane, and Sinestro. Heck even Nightwing (and not the scrubby Comic-Con gameplay from people who don't know how to hold a controller let alone use it, but pros showcasing what they can do in-game, even if its scripted).

It's likely going to be Black Adam vs a character who either didn't make it into the Battle Arena (Deathstroke or Nightwing since Catwoman faced off Raven), or who got shafted by losing the first round (Hawkgirl, Bane, Luthor or Sinestro). That I'm sure of.
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