Anyone else on the board only a casual fighting game player?

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  3. Anyone else on the board only a casual fighting game player?

User Info: Shadow_Killer70

4 years ago#51
Shadow_Killer70 posted...
I'm a casual player. I play SP and for good story content.
That's why i'm picking this up(and,the fact that i'm a HUGE comic fan)
In fact,i'll be totally honest. I suck at fighting games. I have no desire or intention of going online or playing other players.

I'm playing mostly just for the story. I'll probably fight in the Arcade and SP battle modes and mabye the Star Lab missions as well

As far as "hardcore" gamers. They are like Bigfooot.
Everyone pretty much knows they exist but,you'll more than likely never see one.

You will if you go online.

I HIGHLY doubt that.

This is why.

I have played online before. And,this is my experience.

A bunch of little kids yelling and screaming at each other,calling each other names,insulting each other,ect...

1) You can Google/Bing/Wiki ANY "Hardcore" technical terms and call yourself a "hardcore" gamer.

2) Any self proclaimed "hardcore" gamer probably can't fight in real life.

3) Sitting at your console and looking online for combo moves 24/7 is NOTHING to brag about.

User Info: badjab326

4 years ago#52
Taizuku posted...
Well I understand the technical stuff, and try to get as good as possible, but I'd still call myself casual. I guess I'm a competitive casual?

TTT2-Bruce & Bryan; UMvC3-Frank/Deadpool/Nems; MK9-Reptile

User Info: ruff321

4 years ago#53
I'm def not a casual player, but I wouldn't put myself as hardcore either.

If I like a fighting game I'm willing to put in effort and time into it to get good. MK and Persona 4 Arena and Blazblue are my favorite fighting games and I'm decent at all 3. Casual players should stop spewing out crap about the "hardcore" fighting community.

For one thing most people find it fun when they take things seriously. This can apply to ANY game. COD, WOW, Starcraft, SF4 etc... According to casual players, playing fighting games for fun basically mean getting your ass kicked by more experienced players. I don't know that many people who consider losing to be "fun".

Yes there's some hardcore fighting game players that are complete dbags, but there's also players who would welcome newbies and gladly train them. My friend is a great example of one. He would teach me all the basic stuff and how to be proficient at fighting games. Without him I don't think I would beat people up online.

And let's face it guys, by the time the game comes out this board will only have a few people that actually want to be good at this game and the casuals would just whine about the zoning online and cry about how they can't win a single match, put the game back in the case and never touch it again.

User Info: BDMrenegade10

4 years ago#54
im casual but i like to know what im doing as well

im only gettin this game because its DC, not because its a fighting game

i do enjoy fighting games though, but im more into 3D fighters like tekken

User Info: LethalAffinity

4 years ago#55
Yep, I'm very very casual.
Seminiferous Tubloidial Buttnoids
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  3. Anyone else on the board only a casual fighting game player?

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