IOS Knightfall Bane?

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User Info: snorod

4 years ago#1
I think the description for this was "Rate us!" and then I posted a review on the app store but nothing happened. Anyone gotten this?

User Info: Grimlock1990

4 years ago#2
snorod posted...
I think the description for this was "Rate us!" and then I posted a review on the app store but nothing happened. Anyone gotten this?

i got the checkmark. Make sure u were logged in to your WBID. Try again afterwards.

User Info: snorod

4 years ago#3
Yeah I got it. It asks you to rate after the first battle is completed but I tried to do it before i battled at all so that may have been it. Thank you though

User Info: m0nkeyking9

4 years ago#4
Will they ask you to rate it again? I accidentally hit No, thanks haha.

User Info: morac

4 years ago#5
I hit no when it asked me to rate on my iPad so I didn't get it even though I tried rating manually later. I ended up downloading it on my iPhone and playing and this time when it asked to rate I tapped rate. I then when back into the game and had to open the WBID menu twice before it showed up on both my iPhone and iPad.

If you only have one device and tapped no, the only way to get the rate box again is to install again. You can either wait for an update or remove the app and reinstall it. The help section claims the game backs up your progress, cards and coins to iCloud and will restore it if you uninstall and reinstall, but if it does, it appears to do so on per device because my progress made on the iPad wasn't restored on my iPhone. The WBID rewards are shared between devices since they are tied to your WBID account.

User Info: Iron_Paul

4 years ago#6
try restarting the app after rating. That's how it worked for me

User Info: Maverickneo

4 years ago#7
Nothing for me. I went to the app and rated the game also wrote a review. Nothing.

Nevermind...Got it. :P

User Info: Batarangbats

4 years ago#8
I deleted mine and then redownload. It didn't let me continue from my previous save though, thank God I got a better pack of cards this time.

User Info: ConradimusPrime

4 years ago#9
Yeah I deleted and redownloaded and it worked fine

So I really wanna get the batman skin and have 75k... But Sinestro is too strong so I can't advance and at this point and these early battles accumulate points so slowly

What do you guys think?
Buy a gold booster and hope for batman?
Will any gold character get me to the end? Do later areas even give enough gold for me to buy batman if he doesn't come in my booster?

Or should I just suck it up and grind for enough old to just buy batman straight up?

User Info: VeinInjctdPain

4 years ago#10
repeat the first bonus battle over and over. when all of your energy is depleted on all characters, go into your phone/ipad/ipod settings and set the date forward 1 day. go into the app and all your energy should be refilled. exit the app then reset the date to normal. you can do that everytime your energy is gone. the bonus battle nets you like 4k credits and if your characters are leveled enough shouldnt take you more then a few minutes.
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