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Transsexual Hero

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User Info: tranny_excella

4 years ago#1
I'm excited that Batgirl will soon be included in this game, especially since it's been revealed that she's been retconned as a transsexual.

As a trans girl myself, I'm quite ecstatic. :)
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User Info: Hazmat963

4 years ago#3
The author of that article can't read. Batgirl's ROOMMATE is a transexual, not her. It even says so in the article he cites as a source.
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User Info: SmokeRyu

4 years ago#4
This topic.

Anyways. If you actually read the comics you would know the guy who wrote that article is a moron. It isn't batwoman it's like her roomate or something.
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User Info: serpentaurus

4 years ago#5
You have Robin already.
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User Info: kikook

4 years ago#6
serpentaurus posted...
You have Robin already.

Did you know, the person who started the rumor that Batman and Robin were gay was doing so because he wanted to see comics destroyed? He believe comics were immoral and wanted them gone. So he started the whole "Robin and Batman are more than friends."

User Info: Umuru

4 years ago#7
This topic makes no sense, given the proof that the article was talking about.

User Info: GhillieAssassin

4 years ago#8
Batgirl hasn't been confirmed. Lobo is the only DLC character confirmed.
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User Info: bobaban

4 years ago#9
Yeah right....this article is stupid. It's Batgirl's roommate who is a trans.
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